Interesting ance. You can go for a long-term study abroad for free

If you want to have a free qualification, get abroad and meet interesting people here, then go for it. The Grundtvig program offers a different qualification. Interesting seeds will take place from letonho to August ptho year, you can sign up now.


Learn to run jewelry in Poland, deepen your knowledge of a healthy lifestyle in Germany and think about how to understand Europe’s neighbors in the UK – this is part of a program funded by the European Union in 33 European destinations.

The project is intended for the general adult public, ie not only for young people from 18 years of age. There are a number of interesting events on the audience, which concern lifestyle, culture, problems in curry and in families.

Attendance at the workshop is free, registration is required

If you want to defend the program, you can go through the offer published on the website of the National Agency for European Training Programs under the Grundtvig block (more information can be found here). If you choose, then contact the event organizer for more information and registration.

You can contact the program consultants directly for detailed information. Consult hours for the public are always in the middle and on Thursdays.

“Participation in the workshop, transport, meals, accommodation and insurance are free, paid from the grant,” explains Grundtvig consultant Jan Trnka. The organizer may not request a fee from the participants.

People of all ages and professions will meet for a long time

Projects for the period from 1 of 2011 to 31 August 2012 are currently published in English, French or German, but no later than June, a list of them will be available in English. However, the foreign language is not in line with the code, because the workshop is first English, German and French.

And how to imagine such a workshop? It is an informal meeting of people of different nationalities and ages who, in five and ten days, will devote themselves to poultry theater and debate about the balance between work and private life. astnk bv maximum twenty, also get to know each other for a while.

For vbr astnk odpovd organizer

According to Jan Trnka, it is quite large to get to the workshop, because the offer is wide. It is possible to submit needles to most of them, I can tell you that it will work out.

But be careful, I have to defend myself during a maximum of three years. The organizer of the workshop chooses the participants and sets the deadline for the double entry, also the data for individual projects differ.

Details about works, workshops and other projects that those interested can go to in many European countries can also be found in person. This is the 8th of 2011 from 12.30 pm to 6 pm in the premises of the House of Foreign Services, Na Po 4, Prague 1.

“There will be extensive learning activities and some of them will be able to try out some of them for yourself. Find out how to apply for projects and which events will take place in the near future with the grant support of the European education program Grundtvig, ”concludes Trnka.