It limits our rolling stock, to which people drive hundreds of kilometers

The people are willing to drive hundreds of kilometers behind the sausages from Zdek Carbol. Regularly for their ride, the Germans and Rakuan tasted them in Australia, Canada and even India. Ron’s turnover was a family business, which is based on tradition and the craftsmanship is honest, around 12 million crowns.

You are a well-known family business that once had a business. Where does its history fall?
The history of family businesses goes back a long way. The farm was founded in the 1950s by Father Florian, among others. But this did not work for a long time, because the communists did similar activities ptr. The craft craftsmanship was then struck only by seasonal house killers and a plein’s feast for various organizations.

Under communist rule, you were still one of the few families where blood, pigs and animals were kept. How was it then?
Yes, we kept blood, pigs and small household animals, but only for our own use. We were a big family and at that time we all helped the children, including our sons and one daughter. M prarodie jet strloukali mslo. I remember how we tilted him out of various forms, you with twists, blew familiar.

After the revolution, you continued the family tradition. How were the arrests then?
In 1989, with the help of our father Florian, we started a small production and production factory again, and three years later, in 1992, the carbol sro production and processing office was officially established. The store was in the next restaurant, which we got back after the revolution and which was run until recently by my old brother Florian Mlad.

What was the biggest business arrest?
Urit was a bureaucracy, but petrvv to this day. At that time, the horses and noodles changed so fast that not even the rows were clear in them. No one had experience with the free market at the time, but we skated somehow, especially like everyone else. We were simple and full. We had some kind of blood in our blood, which is one of the reasons why we often tried meaningless food. The individual governments who rose here gradually deprived us of our ideas and talent. And the dotan system turned it around.

V em to dotan systm obrtil?
We, a small entrepreneur, will not be able to reach subsidies in the dark. Once upon a time, it’s about twenty years old, I was interested in the opportunity to get a grant, but they told me that I was late, that the EU was divided. This was decided by the agencies. When I asked which agencies they were, they told me it was a secret. At that time, I was surprised that I would never be for the bottom of the data subsidy. In addition, only large companies get them, especially those that go bankrupt. What else to say.

How was the investment sweating?
He helped the company to start with a small bank and then made all the profits in new machines and all production facilities. It was necessary to build cold stores, warehouses, shops and social facilities. We had to relocate and enlarge the store, because the number of customers increased. It was necessary to expand the production space itself, divide the rooms for the production of individual types of products and build two new tanks. Natst managed to avoid smoking over a fire made of hardwood in an old way, not in gas tanks with a burst of smoke. But under the control of a veterinarian.

who you had to avoid it. Isn’t that right?
The cutlet, which smells like this sausage, is really small, I think I would put it on the fingers of both hands. We are simply under the strict supervision of hygiene, which has carcinogenic substances in the smoke and the like.

What did joining the European Union mean for everyone?
It was necessary to opt to invest in a machine and equipped company. But because we had a company with district jurisdiction, it was not so party. But there was more paperwork. Some hygiene and veterinary standards were often stricter, not required by the EU.

Prozrate nkter nazen t doby.
So all the washbasins had to have non-contact faucets, the rooms had to have rounded corners, the sticks for cutting meat could only be used with plastic. The experienced cutters grabbed their heads, but that was of no value to them then.

Also somehow built on your head, right?
Probably yes, because after some time similar nonsense has given way. That time it was enough when plastics and bacteria appeared in the flesh of the cut. I’ll be a little ironic, but the comrades from the GDR probably made a mistake somewhere, because the plastic didn’t work out this time either. We have devn inches again, the corners do not have to be round and the water faucets do not. There were a lot of such beads.

How many people have you hired and how many do you have?
We started as a family business, now we have fifteen employees. He works as a cutter and a variety of sausages, women make sausages and your products. There are only three salesmen in the store.

In the factory you have one unique, almost museum piece for the production of intestines, tripe and sausage. Don’t exchange it for a modern one?
Because it is a sturdy machine, it is filled, which is made of honest cast iron and is trouble-free, which is true of current machines.

Where do you get meat for sale and processing?
We take beef and pork from nearby slaughterhouses, mainly from Vynch Lhot and Czech Tna, free from Czech breeding. We buy solid plaques, which we cut ourselves. At the acceptance, we check the quality of the meat (visual, temperature) and the accompanying documents. We do not process meat.

What are you talking about?
Urine on quality ingredients and run work. We don’t have automatic machines or lines. We try to run the meat. Consequently, according to the requirements of production and trade. Let’s not use nhraky and separty, we will smoke sausages starm in a way a few hours over a fire from hardwood.

How do you use recipes when making sausages?
The recipes were firmly invented by my father and others. Some of them have been used since time immemorial and have been verified over time, some of which have been adjusted according to customer requirements.

Would you buy sausages at the supermarket?
Yes, you can buy them, but you need to label them. The most important product in the product is listed in the first places. The proportions of meat, water, flour and other ingredients are derived from specific recipes. We both add water to the meat, badly for its qualities and fatness. And for pekk and kabanosu we have two or a little smooth flour.

How much meat do you process per day and what do you make from it?
We process about 250 kilograms of beef and pork daily. Before Christmas and Easter, 350 kilograms per day. We make about a dozen types of products, such as sausages, chopsticks, stuffing, ounces, sausages, smoked meat, candies and beech rolls and many other goodies. Some only seasonally. Intestines and tripe mainly in winter, barbecue sausages mainly in lt. Let’s load to order and make vepov kty.

From which furthest corners do you have customers?
They took bak and smoked meat from Canada to Canada, Australia and India. And it was excellent. Otherwise, Nmci, Rakuan and vcar come here regularly.

You’ve been in business from morning to night, didn’t you ever want to mess with it?
Yes, we wanted to fight with mockrt. But we always changed our minds over the weekend. Since we are slowly getting stuck with the staff, we will somehow crush it and teach the tafet to the young, ie both of our daughters.

What limits the most in business?
Nonsense papers, colonnade. ethnicity and filling in the columns in the formulas takes time and time. I’m not ednk, but eznk.

Jak je v ron obrat a kam vude vae vrobky putuj?
Ron’s turnover is 12 million. Probably aunt a product take restaurants, farm shops and grocery stores, the rest we sell in the store.

I was waiting for you considering how many cars there are mainly every bird. And I’m not talking about times before different worlds.
We have had a turnover of around thirteen or fifteen million, but in recent years we have felt some stagnation. People don’t buy thieves from you, but only one, instead of five kilograms of sausages they will take only a kilo, others buy twenty blanket of onion and two rolls. I think that not only the fact that the people do not have a pension plays a role in this, but also the media, which constantly convinces them that meat and sausages are unhealthy.

And what do you think?
The hunter should be what he likes, but with peace. I’m not talking, of course, about any plastic products full of preservatives. But I’ll put it another way: my father Ezekka ate whole meat, even under a ton, and he would be ninety years old.

What advice do you tell your daughters who are taking over the business?
In order for this cutting craft to be honest and not to be discouraged by various nonsensical scholars that appear from time to time.