Japanese café retreat in Hanoi: relaxation and delights await


A Glimpse of Japan in the Heart of Hanoi

In bustling Hanoi, a place exists where the spirit of Japan comes alive, promising relaxation and an escape from city life. But where is this little slice of Japan located?

Café’s Unique Location

Nam Tu Liem district: Where Modern Meets Classic

Located in the lively Nam Tu Liem district, the Xin Chao Café Shibuya is more than just a café – it’s a rendezvous of culture, history, and modern design.

The First Impression: Café’s Exterior Design

A warm wooden entrance greets visitors, setting the scene for what’s inside. But it’s the little details that catch the eye.

The Wooden Entrance: A Majestic Welcome

The wide eaves, supported by gray tiles, are more than just aesthetic features – they are symbols of Japanese architecture, giving you a hint of what’s inside.

A Peek Inside: Experiencing the Café

Once inside, you’ll find yourself on a journey. The design is thoughtful, integrating both the outdoors and indoors, to provide an authentic Japanese experience.

Bridge over a Koi Pond

Who would’ve thought a bridge inside a café? Yet, as you cross this wooden masterpiece, you’ll look down to see a serene Koi pond, flanked by two stone lanterns that are quintessential to Japanese gardens.

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A Mix of Tradition and Modernity

Neon Signs Meets Luminous Lanterns

While traditional features abound, there’s a splash of modern Tokyo too. Vibrant neon signs juxtaposed against soft lanterns give the illusion of a Tokyo street, right here in Hanoi.

Embracing the Ambiance

The café has been designed with comfort in mind. Large windows let in natural light, while outdoor fans provide a cool respite from Hanoi’s heat.

The Garden: A Masterpiece

Imagine walking on a grassy path with stone panels underfoot, leading you deeper into the café’s heart. Large rocks, serving as seating spots, beckon you to sit and soak in the tranquil surroundings.

A Gourmet Experience

But what’s a café without its offerings? Xin Chao Café Shibuya boasts a wide array of refreshments to satiate every palate.

Wide Range of Refreshments

From invigorating coffees and teas to refreshing smoothies and juices, there’s something for everyone. Yet, while the presentation is impeccable, some might argue the flavors could be more impactful.

Cakes and Pricing

What’s on the Menu?

If you have a sweet tooth, their cakes, priced between VND30,000 to VND65,000 ($1.25 to $2.70), are a must-try, promising good value for the ambiance.


In the heart of Hanoi, Xin Chao Café Shibuya offers an authentic Japanese retreat, blending rich culture, delightful offerings, and an atmosphere that transports you straight to Japan. It’s a must-visit for those looking to experience a slice of Japan in Vietnam.


  1. Where is Xin Chao Café Shibuya located?
    • In the Nam Tu Liem district of Hanoi.
  2. What are the standout features of the café?
    • A wooden bridge over a Koi pond, stone lanterns, and a blend of traditional and modern design elements.
  3. Does the café offer vegetarian options?
    • The article mentions a wide range of offerings, but specifics about vegetarian options are not mentioned.
  4. How is the pricing for the refreshments?
    • The cakes are priced between VND30,000 to VND65,000, offering good value for the ambiance.
  5. Is there outdoor seating available?
    • Yes, there’s a spacious garden with seating spots.
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