K-pop stars enjoy Vietnamese food and fireworks in Hoi An


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel with your favorite K-pop idol? To indulge in the rich culinary delights and festivities of a country alongside them? Here’s a sneak peek into the adventures of a few K-pop sensations in Vietnam.

Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage site, isn’t just known for its beautifully preserved ancient town. In recent times, it has gained popularity amongst K-pop celebrities for its delightful Vietnamese cuisine and mesmerizing fireworks display.

The Allure of Vietnam’s Gastronomy

Big Bang’s Taeyang: A True Pho Enthusiast

Taeyang’s love for Vietnamese food was evident when he uploaded a photo enjoying pho in Da Nang. Ever had one of those days when a hot bowl of pho feels like a warm hug? Taeyang surely did, as he thanked the eatery in Vietnamese with a simple “Cam on.” Pho isn’t just about the noodles; it’s about the memories and experiences attached to it. And just like many of us, even K-pop idols like Taeyang and Blackpink members, Jisoo and Rosé, can’t resist its charm.

SNSD’s Hyoyeon: A Culinary Journey in Da Nang

Imagine landing in a foreign country and immediately immersing yourself in its local cuisine. Sounds exciting, right?

Vietnamese Pancake: A Must-Try

Hyoyeon didn’t waste any time. As soon as she touched down, she made her way to the Ba Duong store and indulged in Vietnamese pancakes. But it’s not just about eating; it’s about savoring it like the locals. Hyoyeon’s posts showed that she’s not just a traveler but a true food explorer.

2023 Da Nang International Firework Festival

After a delightful meal, what can be more enchanting than watching fireworks light up the night sky? Hyoyeon and her friends enjoyed this captivating display from a rooftop bar, adding yet another memorable moment to their trip.

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aespa’s Food and Travel Diaries

Not to be left out, aespa’s Karina explored the streets of Hoi An and discovered the delicious taste of waterapples. And it wasn’t just Karina; all members of aespa seemed to be on a culinary mission, tasting everything from pho to shrimp spring rolls.

KARD’s BM: Relishing Hoi An’s Beauty

While food is essential, sometimes you just need a quiet moment to take in nature’s beauty. KARD’s BM did precisely that, capturing the sunset from a Hoi An resort’s pool. Pure bliss!

Hoi An: The Musical Retreat

Beyond the culinary adventures, the main attraction was the music festival that brought all these K-pop stars to Hoi An. A fusion of music, food, and culture, it was a treat for both the artists and their fans.

The Influence of K-pop in Promoting Destinations

The Power of Social Media Posts

Every post, every update from these K-pop idols holds the power to influence millions of their followers. A simple photo in a Vietnamese restaurant can lead to a surge in visitors wanting to relive that experience.

A Global Community of K-pop Lovers

K-pop isn’t just music; it’s a global phenomenon. The adventures of K-pop stars in Vietnam highlights how these artists connect with fans worldwide, promoting culture, food, and destinations unintentionally.


The K-pop celebrities’ journey in Vietnam isn’t just a tale of food and fireworks. It’s a story of music, culture, and the universal love for exploration. As we’ve seen, whether it’s enjoying a bowl of pho or marveling at the fireworks, these shared experiences bring us all a bit closer in this vast world.

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  1. Which K-pop celebrity seemed to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine the most?
    • While it’s hard to pick just one, both Taeyang and Hyoyeon showcased their love for the local dishes extensively.
  2. What was the main purpose of their visit to Vietnam?
    • The main event was the music festival held in Hoi An, which several K-pop celebrities attended.
  3. Are there any other K-pop stars known to visit Vietnam frequently?
    • Hyoyeon from SNSD has visited Vietnam several times, as mentioned in the article.
  4. How influential are K-pop stars in promoting travel destinations?
    • Highly influential! Their social media posts can significantly boost tourism and local businesses in the places they visit.
  5. What’s the significance of the 2023 Da Nang International Firework Festival?
    • It’s one of the most awaited events in Da Nang, attracting tourists for its spectacular display.