Leaving me is cheaper than a classic descent. How to do it?

Rno sndan at the hotel, we’ll be ripped out at nine o’clock, no one’s up. Or will you organize it differently this year? Forget the guide, make your own itinerary. What is allowed to stay on and how to secure it?

Have you ever been to moe on a classic downhill trip? And did you have a problem with the delivery time at the bus and the return of these hndch floors? If so, I thought you’d rather go somewhere on your own for a holiday. Only each of us is not a batk who would go on vacation on his own. Some have the courage, the kind does not speak foreign languages, others simply do not know how to perform in advance.

A holiday on the go is a trend that can be forced by those who want to combine the freedom of holidays without passengers and at the same time be sure that you will see what is worth seeing. And they won’t pay the remaining power of the pension anywhere for the inputs. Ideally, it is for exotic holidays, but also for the so-called Euro weekends, when you want to get to know as much of the city you visit during the day and not feel like a doll.

Hotel, guide and tips for shopping

What do you mean by the term allowed to imagine? What do you want. Offices that offer such leave offer, promise to provide everything you can think of. Just know where you want to go and what you want to put there. Take a look at the sights? Hrt golf? Fishing? Do you want a national park? Taste local specialties? Buy? From anyone a little? A set of fully compliant paths that your pn will work on.

The base is really full, where people pop and such details as where to grow. The information that the bus stop is against McDonald’s can be very important for someone who doesn’t know the city. Who has clear information, is not nervous, and this is the basis of a quiet holiday, explains the river Morvkov, who takes a full holiday professionally.

It is also a great benefit for the client that the employees of the agencies have the city they recommend, really walked through and tested on their own. They can give tips on a nice restaurant, the back of a hostel in a typical guest house and not in a uniform hotel room, to point out an interesting walk.

We also recommend clients a date when they should set off, either to avoid the unbearable heat or to enjoy the local celebrations of some holidays, adds Patricia Dlouh from Teamtime. She and representatives of other travel agencies confirm that I am interested in this service in the Czech Republic.

Won’t it be dsn tracks?

Of course, in order to be able to prepare the travel agency in full time, it needs to know the prices as well. Don’t be afraid that individual preparation is much more expensive than the classic one. It usually comes out the same, or even uette.

Honza from Prague describes a specific experience: We are going to Krta in June. When I tried to find the congress through a classic offer, I found not only the price of 60 thousand crowns, but I always had to compromise a bit on some request.

Then he remembered that before, on another vacation, he had met a travel agent, who described Krte as her favorite destination. I tried to call her, put out my ideas, and after a few days, the first-grader sent me an offer that suited my needs. In total, our holiday will be six thousand cheaper. The price includes a fee for processing the proposal, tickets, accommodation in an apartment on the beach and with a view of the sea, half board, car rental, tips for flights.

Some offices pay for the processing of an individual holiday discount, another percentage of the holiday price. For the idea: from the provided services (eg tickets, hotel) the office will take you 10 percent of the price and for each day itinere 500 crowns. Even though clients are thankful for cheaper hostels, but you are also happy that you should not buy music tickets online beforehand, but ask at the box office two hours before the performance.

Who will process the offer?

When you enter the phrase vacation holidays on Google, you will find links to travel agencies that specialize in this type of vacation, as well as those who are added as a luxury offer for group trips. Choose not only according to how well the company works. It is best to ask friends if they have ever used similar services and how satisfied they were. There are no personal references in this field.

Holidays on the sea nen dn last minute. It is not enough to remember a week in advance and think that someone will throw an early vacation with you during the day. In order for the client to work to the complete satisfaction, it is necessary to clarify all requirements in advance.

The travel agent usually offers a rough itinerary, when the client approves it, pays a deposit and then starts working on the form of a holiday allowed. It is ideal to contact the travel agent at least two months in advance.

PkladRough itinerary for travel to Brazil and Argentina

Client request: nvtva vodopd Iguaz, maximum 14 days in June.

  • June 21 Departure from Prague
  • 22. 6. Plet do Ria
  • 23. 6. Full-day tour of Rio with an English-speaking guide
  • June 24 and 27 Free in Rio
  • June 28 Departure to Iguaz Falls, tour from the Brazilian side
  • 29. 6. Visit to the Exotic Birds Park, Itaip Hydropower Plant, Ciudad Del Este Paraguay City
  • 30. 6. Full day tour of waterfalls from the Argentine side
  • 1. 7. Departure with dandelions to Europe
  • 2.7. Plet to Prague

Price per person:49,500 crowns, the price includes air transport, including tax, accommodation in 3 * hotels with deduction, flights with a guide and insured against the CK. The price does not include transfers from flights, insurance. Source: Student Agency

Poznmka: comparable departure with another travel agency: 63 thousand crowns per person + tickets