Not just standard yellow: Lego is bringing out a special set with figures in red, green and purple. The group wants to pay tribute to social diversity.

Special set: Lego brings out figures in eleven colors.

WITHRecently, the Lego figures had become more and more detailed: There were more patterns on clothing, more filigree hairstyles, and the toy company gave them more objects. Now the manufacturer is bringing a special set onto the market that does without all the additional details and still stands for diversity in a special way.

With eleven figures, each completely monochrome from the tips of their hair to their feet, the set is dedicated to the LGBTQIA + community. The letter sequence is an abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, inter and asexual people. In a row, the figures depict the colors of the rainbow, plus light blue, white and pink, as well as black and brown. This also shows the symbolic colors of the LGBTQIA community, i.e. the variety of skin colors and sexual orientations should be shown. The motto of the new pack is: “Everyone is awesome”, everyone is wonderful.

Probably also a collector’s item

“I wanted to design a set that symbolizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone – regardless of how they identify themselves and who they love,” the company quotes product developer Matthew Ashton. According to himself, he belongs to the LGBTQIA movement and initially designed the set for his own desk. But it quickly attracted internal attention. It is no coincidence that the kit will be launched on June 1st. June is Pride Month for groups of different sexual orientations, in which they demonstrate for their rights.

Beyond homosexuals and transsexuals, the special Lego pack should be particularly popular with collectors of the terminal blocks. The fact that figure heads are not kept in the standard color yellow, but also come in red, green and blue, can have a sales-promoting effect. With that in mind, Lego calls for a recommended price of 34.99 euros for the pack. In return, buyers get the eleven figures and a rainbow platform composed of 346 stones on which the figurines are to stand.

In marketing, Lego also ties in with the tried and tested. The slogan “Everyone is awesome” is a modification of the title song of the Lego film from 2014. In the story about the builder Emmet, the text was still “Everything is awesome” – in the German version “Here everything is super”.