Longer travel times on some long-distance rail routes

New construction sites in the long-distance traffic of Deutsche Bahn: If you want to travel from Berlin to Frankfurt, for example, you will have to change trains on the route via Leipzig and you will not be able to drive through as before.

On some routes, rail travelers have to be prepared for longer travel times.

BEarly travelers between Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Munich will have to be prepared for longer travel times and fewer long-distance trains from the end of September. The reason is three construction site sections that the group wants to tackle simultaneously between September 26th and December 12th, as a spokesman for Deutsche Bahn announced.

It then takes 40 to 60 minutes longer with the ICE between Berlin and Leipzig. If you want to travel from Berlin to Frankfurt, you have to change there on the route via Leipzig and cannot drive through as before.

However, there are hardly any restrictions on the ICE route between Berlin and Munich. The hourly connection will continue to be offered there. There will only be occasional failures with the ICE Sprinter.

Passengers in regional traffic between Ludwigsfelde (Brandenburg) and Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Saxony-Anhalt) must also expect longer travel times and replacement traffic.

The construction sites are the renovation of the high-speed line in the Ludwigsfelde-Niedergörsdorf section, a switch replacement on the Leipzig-Halle (Saale) line and the renovation of the Hönebach tunnel between Gerstungen in Thuringia and Bebra in Hesse. By bundling these three construction sites, Deutsche Bahn wants to shorten construction times and keep restrictions for customers to a minimum.