Lots of short-time work in Bavaria – especially in the auto industry

One industry particularly often relies on government aid in the Corona crisis. Car manufacturers and suppliers make the most of short-time working in the south.

There is still a lot of short-time working in Germany.

FAst all car manufacturers and suppliers in Bavaria rely on short-time work. 92 percent of the companies in this industry use it, as a special evaluation published on Tuesday by the Munich Ifo Institute for August showed.

Nationwide, the average for the industry is 65 percent. But 72 percent of the companies in the Bavarian mechanical engineering sector have also sent their employees on short-time work (federal government: 61 percent), as have the manufacturers of metal products (federal government: 67 percent).

Söder advertises a car bonus

The average of the industry in Bavaria is 61 percent of the companies, nationwide it is 53 percent. According to Ifo, many Bavarian service providers are also affected by short-time work: 42 percent of the companies use it, 33 percent across Germany.

The Bavarian Prime Minister and CSU Chairman Markus Söder continues to demand a purchase bonus for combustion engines. He explicitly refers to short-time work: although this is good and important, it would not replace demand in the long term. Demand can only be increased with a premium. He cites the jobs that depend on the auto industry as the reason for this.

At the car summit last week, no decisions were made about further help for the industry. The round with representatives from politics and business only agreed to set up working groups to examine the possibilities for this. The purchase premium for cars with internal combustion engines was not mentioned in the results paper.