Louen, free, return. Those problems with the holiday and how to overcome them

Let’s go on holiday to relax on vacation. But only a few can afford to leave my job without a job. In addition, let’s keep in touch with colleagues via mobile and e-mail. And how to control the door so that we don’t go crazy? A HR specialist and a psychologist get over the dark.

If you are able to filter it out the necessary

Preparations for the holidays begin a few days, even a week before her arrest. For the sake of peace, it pays to issue matters that cannot be postponed so that there is no problem.

It is good to agree with colleagues who will represent us during the holidays, how to make the types of bikes themselves, who will wait for them and for whom they may call during the holidays, recommends Tom Surka, director of personnel consulting company McROY Czech. It’s good to write.

Representing colleagues should have access to all the information and necessary contacts. If we manage to do so, it pays to inform the longest clients about the departure by phone, or by setting up an automatic reply in an e-mail, where we will provide contacts for representing colleagues.

But as psychologist and personal Tom Vak points out, the world is not just about us. In principle, we tend to take care of the need to keep things under control. We often find, for example, with surprise that if, for objective reasons, we are unable to work, you, due to illness, our colleagues will deal with the situation. So I recommend a little foresight and humility. It’s just that my company with several plates, hundreds or even thousands of employees will not collapse without the presence and clients with the breed will not run to the competition, to Tom Vak.

Can I stay in touch?

Today, we all have e-mail set up on our smartphones, so we can’t cover the darkness. Some people turn off or redirect their phone, others are always online. If you have to evaluate how much time you have in your free time and how long I have set the substitutability so that these steps do not affect the work results, to Tom Surka, according to his salary, we lose everything by allowed contact with work, so we can better relax.

When it comes to phone and laptop, it’s a bit complicated. As for the verticality and the compelling need to do more for a time of relaxation, I recommend the combined full peruit. Do not leave your phone dog a day at the hotel and do not open the electronic sweat, advice Tom Vak.

If we are able to filter out only what is necessary and limit ourselves to simple reactions, the psychologist does not consider it appropriate to set a working twenty minutes a day. But it is very important that it is really only twenty minutes long and that it does not spoil the holiday mood. If we should be poisoned after all the sweat is open, the rule is one: do not open, add Bag.

After returning from vacation, we should leave at least one day off to recharge. And then the first days at work determine the priorities. When configuring an e-mail, we first lubricate the first time. These are those who do not require answers, informed and promoted emails. At the same time, let’s get an overview of other senders first and then, depending on the importance, we will use them. I would prefer clients, Tom Surka’s advice.

A little stress at work after days off is in the horseshoe, stairs experts. A little reluctant to enter into duties like that. We always return from pleasant holidays to my pleasant work. If we realize this, we will quickly get used to the workplace again and take the source of the back stress.