Lufthansa will decide on A380 exit next week

The group is shrinking and is probably sorting out entire series of aircraft. A decision will be taken in the next few days, but the CEO already outlined concepts in an appointment with employees.

Uncertain future: Lufthansa A380

ULufthansa plans to shrink the fleet of around 100 aircraft. But because the low demand for tickets makes the crisis appear increasingly unlikely to subside quickly, there could be around 30 more. Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr outlined plans on Tuesday in an online question and answer session for employees on how the group’s fleet could change. This was confirmed to the FAZ from corporate circles. The course should be set in the coming week. Then, according to FAZ information, both the management board and the supervisory board meet. The days of the large Airbus A380 in the Lufthansa fleet could then be numbered.

Model 747-8 aircraft are the only ones with four engines that from his point of view have a future in the group, Spohr is said to have said at the date that the industry portal first reported on. The 747-8 is the latest version of Boeing’s jumbo jet. Since new engines are becoming more and more powerful, aircraft with four engines are falling behind in terms of fuel efficiency compared to twin-jet engines such as the Airbus A350 or the Boeing 777.

The fact that Spohr only mentioned the Boeing 747-8 under four-jet engines suggests that the group could not only differ from the A380, but also from the older jumbo version 747-400 and the Airbus A340, which has long been classified as less efficient. Aircraft. A company spokesman did not want to comment on request. “There is no new resolution,” he said.

Air France has already announced the farewell to the A380

Lufthansa has been hit hard by the economic consequences of the Corona crisis, as the normally lucrative long-haul business has hardly recovered so far. The cuts in the flight plan are greater than those of competitors who concentrate on intra-European traffic. It is therefore unclear whether the job creation needs to be expanded beyond the announced 22,000 full-time positions.

There is already an agreement with the manufacturer Airbus for six A380s to buy them back. So far, Lufthansa wanted to keep the other eight A380s so that they could not be used from Frankfurt after the Corona crisis, but from Munich. This plan is now up for discussion. Competitor Air France – marked by the Corona crisis – announced the end of the A380 in its own network in May. Although a busy A380 is considered efficient in operation, the collapse in demand during the pandemic has increased concerns as to whether there will be enough passengers for individual flights of the large jet for a sufficient number of routes.

However, Lufthansa’s shrinking course should not only mean that aircraft will be parted with more quickly. The realignment should also include Lufthansa trying to get copies of the Airbus A350 ahead of time. The group has ordered that in addition to the revised version of the Boeing 777 anyway. However, the Boeing model is severely delayed. For the group, it should not just be a new aircraft, but also the starting signal for a newly designed business class offer for wealthy passengers. Due to the delay in the model, the market launch of the new seats has also been postponed. They could now also float in with the A350 aircraft.