Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program hacked

In an attack, hackers stole the data of 1.35 million customers of the “Miles and More” bonus program. Other airlines are also said to be affected.

In a hacker attack, the data was stolen from customers of the “Miles and More” program.

HAcres captured a large amount of customer data in an attack on the aviation IT service provider Sita. According to a Lufthansa spokesman, around 1.35 million customers are affected by the “Miles and More” frequent flyer program alone. However, only information about the service card number, the status level and sometimes the name was stolen. Security-relevant passwords, e-mail addresses or other personal customer data, however, are not affected. The passengers do not need to be active, Lufthansa announced on Friday.

According to Lufthansa, the hackers obtained the data of the “Miles and More” customers via an Asian partner airline of the Star Alliance. Sita publicly confirmed the incident on Thursday. The company said that it reacted quickly to the sophisticated attack and took targeted measures to contain it. The process will be further investigated. Passengers should contact their airlines for more information.

Sita claims to be the world’s leading specialist in IT and communication in air traffic. The company works for almost the entire industry.