Malaysian celebrity Uncle Roger in hot water for defaming Cambodian cuisine

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Controversy Surrounding Uncle Roger’s Take on Cambodian Cuisine

In the digital age, where content is consumed voraciously, even a seemingly light-hearted comment can stir a storm. One such instance is the recent controversy surrounding the well-known Malaysian celebrity Uncle Roger and his remarks on Cambodian cuisine.

Who is Uncle Roger?

Behind the cheeky persona of “Uncle Roger” is Nigel Ng, a Malaysian video producer and comedian. With a massive following of over 8.2 million subscribers on YouTube, Uncle Roger’s humorous takes on various topics, particularly food, have become viral sensations. However, his penchant for forthright commentary has also landed him in troubled waters more than once.

The Controversial Remark on Cambodian Food

In a video posted on July 30, Uncle Roger made a sweeping statement on Cambodian and Laotian cuisine. He quipped, “Not all Southeast Asian food is good… you don’t want food from Cambodia and Laos.” Going further, he drew a comparison between the cuisines of these countries to what he labeled an inferior imitation of Thai food.

Cambodian Ministry of Tourism Responds

These remarks did not sit well with Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism. Expressing their extreme disappointment, the ministry highlighted that such an incorrect evaluation of Cambodian food could significantly hamper their food tourism endeavors. The Khmer Times reported that Cambodian authorities are in liaison with relevant parties to urge Uncle Roger, or Nigel Ng, to tender a public apology to the Cambodian populace and make necessary amendments to his post.

Public Reaction and Previous Controversies

Public sentiment echoed the ministry’s sentiments. Social media platforms witnessed a flurry of users critiquing Uncle Roger’s portrayal of Cambodian cuisine. This is not the comedian’s first brush with controversy. Last year, he faced a ban from the Chinese social network giant, Weibo, for purportedly violating Chinese laws and regulations.

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The Importance of Food Representation

Food is more than just sustenance; it’s an embodiment of a nation’s culture, history, and essence. As global influencers with a massive reach, it becomes imperative to approach topics like cuisine with sensitivity and understanding. With the blending of cultures, mutual respect and appreciation are the need of the hour.


While humor and satire have their place, it’s essential to recognize the fine line between harmless jokes and potentially harmful stereotypes. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it’s crucial for influencers and content creators to be responsible and respectful in their representations.


  1. Who is behind the character “Uncle Roger”?
    • Uncle Roger is a character portrayed by Malaysian video producer and comedian, Nigel Ng.
  2. What did Uncle Roger say about Cambodian cuisine?
    • He commented that “Not all Southeast Asian food is good… you don’t want food from Cambodia and Laos,” comparing their food to an inferior imitation of Thai cuisine.
  3. How did the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism react to Uncle Roger’s comments?
    • The ministry expressed their extreme disappointment and is working with authorities to ask Nigel Ng to publicly apologize and amend his post.
  4. Has Uncle Roger faced controversies in the past?
    • Yes, last year he was banned from the Chinese social network Weibo for allegedly violating Chinese laws and regulations.
  5. Why is food representation important?
    • Food symbolizes a nation’s culture, history, and essence. Accurate representation fosters mutual respect and appreciation among diverse communities.