Markus Söder calls for a combustion ban – once again

Model California? At least that is how the Bavarian Prime Minister sees it and is calling for a license ban for combustion engines from 2035. But he also called for this as Secretary General – for 2020.

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CSU boss Markus Söder calls for a license ban for cars with combustion engines based on the Californian model – that would mean from the year 2035. “I am very much in favor of us setting an end date from the point in time when fossil burners no longer run on fossil fuels can be re-admitted ”, said Söder on Saturday in a speech at a large online party conference of the CSU. “We should define an end date there,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister and added: “What it was like in California seems to me to be a very good date for it.” This would then be a contribution to show “when the fossil age is coming to an end ”.

But that is old hat for the Bavarian Prime Minister: As CSU General Secretary, he also saw an end date, albeit much earlier at the time. In March 2007 he said: “If we also set times – for example, to have the goal in 2020 that new car registrations only run with green engines, then that would be an ambitious goal. But it can be achieved ”. He also emphasized at the time: “Green engines create new jobs”. When it came to environmental protection, the German auto industry had not yet shown sufficient inventive talent, he said to the “Spiegel” at the time. The CSU Secretary General at the time made it clear that the “necessary pressure to innovate” must be generated by a “clear ultimatum”. So far nothing has come of it.

The most populous American state of California wants to drastically reduce car emissions and only allow zero-emission new cars from 2035 – Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Wednesday. So gasoline and diesel should slowly disappear.

For a transitional period and in view of the Corona crisis, however, Söder renewed his call for a car purchase bonus or the like for the most modern combustion engines: An incentive system, a recycling bonus or an exchange voucher could be used in a few years when buying an even more modern car.