Meal vouchers over a million ech. The package also falls on the cake

Daov reform is slowly turning me into a fight for food stamps. For many years, the benefit of employees has been popular. People are tired of declining incomes, restaurants worry about their existence, and some food stamps warn against the rise of obesity.

No meal vouchers in pen

We could get used to the tanks around the meal vouchers, and the efforts to abolish their tax preference are not new at all. Repetition periods are repeated for several times. Last time, meal vouchers were in jeopardy three years ago. Provlastn evoke so many vn?

According to economist Vladimír Pikora, the debate on meal vouchers is an attempt to create a feeling among voters that something is long, the darkness of the meal voucher is very close and dreaded. ” Nothing suddenly changes. Now there is a lot of darkness. But God doesn’t get that much attention, ”to Pikora.

If the government’s proposal passes, the meal vouchers themselves will definitely not disappear, but they will be taxed and will not be suitable for companies.

We also buy bn groceries for meal vouchers

When about 1.3 million employees find a penny around 20 paper vouchers – meal vouchers (bad for the sweat day in the month for which the employee has a meal voucher claim) in the average value of 65 crowns for one, ie 1300 crowns in total.

Due to the fact that the employer usually contributes about 35 crowns to one meal voucher to the employees, he / she will pay only 30 crowns for the employee. For msc, you can stick about 600 crowns on the same salary.

Although meal vouchers are primarily intended for paid meals in restaurants, many of us also use them for grocery shopping in grocery stores and, for example, in butchers.

“I will both go to McDonald’s with the children, but only if I have a wallet full of meal vouchers. Then I have the feeling that the pedraen karbantek in the bun does not cost so much, ”describes Jan from Prague for thirty years.

Her words are also confirmed by Ivan’s three-year-old, who regularly buys Medovnk family cake for meal vouchers. “We all want him, but unfortunately there are a lot of expensive things. When I pay for it with meal vouchers, it is practically halved, ”Ivana said.

Meal voucher from 2011

Meal voucher from 2011

In some companies, employees do not receive meal vouchers, but the employer contributes to their food in the company offices. According to the latest data, a total of 1.8 million employees have such cheap food. For example, in SOB, employees do not have meal vouchers and receive from the employer a contribution in the amount of 57 crowns for one main meal served in the dining room.

“Bank employees at other workplaces receive meal vouchers worth 80 crowns. The employer’s contribution is the same, for those who pay only 23 crowns for a meal ticket, ”says Jan Solnika from SOB.

The threat of a change in eating habits

At the same time, the government approved a new tax rebate of CZK 250 per month, resp. ti tisce korun ron. This is what every employee should get here, including the one for whom the employer does not buy meal vouchers and does not even write for food.

From this point of view, senavrhovan daov paul me zdt spravedliv. This “meal” is up. While now they receive in addition about 600 crowns in their income, in the case of the tax paul it will be only 250 crowns. So they will be 350 crowns.

With the disappearance of meal vouchers and financial contributions to food, there is a risk that the people used to meal vouchers in restaurants will change their eating habits. Either buy cheap food or they won’t go to the restaurant at all. “If my employer cancels the meal voucher, it will go to my budget. I’ll take a look at whether and how to get to a restaurant. So I bring my own food to the school at least twice a week, ”says Veronika, twenty-six years old.

Veronika’s position is also confirmed by the results of a survey conducted by GfK Czech, when 70 percent of meal vouchers stated that they would often go to a restaurant in the event of a loss of meal vouchers and half of them would dream of their average track in a restaurant for one period.

Of course, the owner of the hotel restaurant is also concerned about its existence. It is estimated that the abolition of meal vouchers would result in a decline in the turnover of 7.54 billion crowns in turnover and could mean a loss and 31 thousand jobs. They even express their fears and opinions in the Petition of Zachrame meal vouchers. The petition was valid last year and so far it has been signed by a total of over 50,000 employees and 6,000 restaurants.

Meal voucher from 1994

Meal voucher from 1994

And last but not least, the representatives of the regular canteen “fight” for the protection of meal vouchers. One of the reasons for their own meal vouchers at all is to support a healthy lifestyle. Without regular objections, you can get fat.

With a meal voucher to a restaurant practically all over the world

The history of meal vouchers fell back to 1954, when the first pepper flakes appeared in Great Britain, which people used to pay for food in restaurants. The system was developed by a certain John Hack, he invented a unified coupon usable throughout the country and founded the first “meal voucher” company.

The British model gradually spread to other countries – France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, but also Brazil, Mexico and Lebanon. At present, they use meal vouchers in 21 states of Europe, seven states of America and the countries of Asia and the Near Entrance.

In our horses, the first meal vouchers in the day of appearance appeared in the late 1990s. At present, the largest meal vouchers of the company work in Czech – Sodexo, Edenred CZ and Chèque Djeuner.

Compared to some European countries, pay the least for one meal voucher. For example, the average value of a meal voucher in a woman is 173 crowns and in France 172 crowns (see in more detail in our previous article).

Does it make sense to ruin meal vouchers?

The vote is over

they voted in
steda 21. z 2011. The survey was closed.