Mekong Delta bull racers’ tricks revealed

A month prior to the competition Nguyen Van Liet supplements his bulls’ diet with beer, eggs, congee, honey, and vitamins to improve their physical problem.
Early one early morning in July, Liet, the proprietor of a pair of bulls that have won the competition three times, went to a field as well as selected some old turf to cut to feed them.

The old farmer in An Phu Commune in An Giang Province’s Tinh Bien District utilized a specialized lawn mower and also took only 15 mins to fill his cart with grass.

Holding a lot of turf for the two large bulls, he states their diet regimen needs to be well balanced. He describes he selected old lawn since young yard creates the bulls to gain weight and also reduces them down.

As part of the training, they are made to draw carts with modest strength.

In addition to the grass, regarding a month before the competition the bulls are also given eggs, congee, honey, beer, and vitamin pills to improve their endurance. The bulls are generally fed in the mid-day to prepare them for educating the next day.

Racing bull proprietors in An Phu Commune frequently train their pets together as well as pick up from each other.

The training is done at 1:00 pm since that is the competition time and bulls require to obtain utilized to the midday warmth.

An unique diet regimen is maintained for one week after the competitors to allow the animals to restore their toughness.

Prior to starting to elevate bulls himself 9 years ago, Liet was a keen follower of races, as well as utilized to keep track of whatever from tiny ones held in pagodas to provincial-level competitions.

He blew up over time considering that his home town never won anything. A good friend also mockingly told him when, “If An Phu Commune wins the trophy, I will certainly lug you residence from the racetrack.”

Liet discussed purchasing bulls with his partner, and paid a next-door neighbor VND16 million to acquire a calf bone from him. When taking the pet house, he said loudly, “See you three years from now when I win the prize.”

At first, gaining from some experienced individuals, he elevated the animal himself. However his age made it difficult and he hired Sau Sang, 52, a skilled breeder as well as racer.

Sang says there are couple of people that instruct bull auto racing, and also to be successful one needs to be watchful, steadfast as well as determined to win. The racers require do workouts on a regular basis and also play sporting activities to keep fit, he claims.

” It is enjoyable, but it is very difficult due to the fact that we get sunburnt and also muddy throughout the day.”

According to experienced racers, controlling the bulls is difficult, in addition to needing to stand on a harrow 30 cm broad when competing at high speed.

Sang shares his secret: “The bulls recognize who is difficult and also who is not. If we are mild with them, they will not obey us.”

Besides training hard, it is additionally required to have an approach when auto racing. Before the race starts the participants take a look at their opponents, and select their approach based upon this. Typically 64 teams begin, which means a team must win 5 rounds to go into the finals.

Sang states: “When a challenger is weak, I let the bulls go for less than full throttle to conserve toughness for the next round. As well as when I fulfill a solid opponent, we ride hard.”

On the track, he likewise capitalizes on sharp turns to flummox his opponents.

“Some methods are needed to win,” the three-time champion states.

During the 2019 competitors among Liet’s bulls seemed to have a discomfort in among its legs and also was favoring the hurt leg, practically depending on three. He provided it some pain reliever and also, fortunately, the medication functioned. By the time they strode out right into the area, it started to run generally, and also he went on to win the prize.

Bull racing could be very harmful. If the racers are not in complete control or hit other candidates, they encounter the risk of falling off the harrow.

After that too they need some skill to stay clear of wounding themselves or their challengers.

Liet and also Sang have participated in the competitors 4 times, winning thrice as well as ending up runner-up the other time.

Sang maintained the prize money while Liet got a television set and also two motorbikes.

Mat, Liet’s spouse, claims: “He makes use of both the motorbikes and also does not intend to offer them. After winning three trophies, he has not stop as assured.” She is describing an assurance he made in 2013 before acquiring his very first calf bone to stop after winning when.

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, Sang, Liet as well as almost 100 racers are anticipating the 2022 competition.

The 7 Hills (Bay Nui) Bull Competing competitors is hung on the celebration of the Khmer’s Sene Dolta (prayer of grandparents) Festival in between the eighth as well as nine lunar months.

It is also the moment when individuals in the location get ready for a new rice plant.

The Bay Nui race has come to be an annual festival in An Giang District, bring in 10s of countless visitors.

In 2016 it was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, as well as Tourism as a national abstract social heritage.