Miss Universe Vietnam meets Chris Hemsworth


The glitz and glamour of Hollywood merged with the beauty and grace of Vietnam as Miss Universe Vietnam 2017, H’Hen Nie, crossed paths with the renowned actor Chris Hemsworth at the premiere of “Extraction 2.” This extraordinary event captured the hearts of Vietnamese viewers, making it an unforgettable night in the world of cinema. In this article, we delve into the exciting encounter and the behind-the-scenes action that took place during the premiere of “Extraction 2.”

The Stellar Greeting: Chris Hemsworth Says “Xin chao Viet Nam”

At the highly anticipated premiere of “Extraction 2” in Vietnam, the Hollywood heartthrob Chris Hemsworth, known for his iconic portrayal of Thor in Marvel movies, greeted the Vietnamese viewers with the warm words “Xin chao Viet Nam,” meaning “Hello Vietnam.” His heartfelt salutation resonated with the audience and set the tone for a night filled with excitement and celebration.

The Workshop: Preparing for Action

Prior to the premiere, H’Hen Nie, along with fellow actors Tien and Vo, participated in an intensive workshop conducted by the film crew. The workshop focused on teaching the actors various techniques to execute action sequences safely. They were trained in striking and defending maneuvers, ensuring that they could shoot action-packed scenes without risking injuries.

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The workshop was not limited to the Vietnamese stars alone; it brought together actors and actresses from different countries, including Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan. The collaborative effort aimed to create a cohesive and thrilling movie experience for the global audience.

Understanding the Challenge: H’Hen Nie’s Perspective on Action Movies

As a participant in action movies herself, H’Hen Nie understood the grueling nature of shooting such films. The adrenaline-pumping scenes may appear captivating on the big screen, but behind the scenes, they require dedication, hard work, and a commitment to safety.

During her time at the workshop, H’Hen Nie expressed her profound admiration for Chris Hemsworth and the other actors who fearlessly took on dangerous scenes in “Extraction 2.” She applauded their attitudes and determination, recognizing the immense effort they put into delivering a compelling and authentic performance.

Revealing the Making of “Extraction 2”: Insights from Hemsworth and Director Hargrave

At the movie premiere, both Chris Hemsworth and the film’s director, Sam Hargrave, offered a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes magic of “Extraction 2.” Hemsworth, now in his 40s, shared his unique perspective on filming action scenes. He mentioned that compared to his younger days in his 20s and 30s, he now experiences more physical challenges and pain when shooting action sequences. Nonetheless, his commitment to his craft remains unwavering, as evidenced by his spectacular performance in the film.

Director Sam Hargrave shed light on the filmmaking process, highlighting the dedication of the entire cast and crew. Their collective efforts were instrumental in bringing “Extraction 2” to life, captivating audiences with its adrenaline-fueled narrative and thrilling action.

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The Plot Unraveled: “Extraction 2” and the Story of Tyler Rake

“Extraction 2” revolves around the story of Tyler Rake, portrayed by Chris Hemsworth, a skilled and fearless mercenary. In the movie, Rake embarks on a perilous mission to rescue three hostages, taking audiences on an intense and action-packed journey. The film is filled with suspense, emotions, and edge-of-the-seat moments that keep viewers engrossed throughout.

Chris Hemsworth’s Journey to Stardom: From Australia to Hollywood

Before reaching international stardom, Chris Hemsworth began his acting career in Australia. His talent and versatility soon caught the attention of Hollywood, leading to iconic roles like Thor in Marvel’s blockbuster movies. His dedication to his craft and charismatic on-screen presence have made him one of the most sought-after actors in the industry.


The meeting of Miss Universe Vietnam H’Hen Nie and Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth at the premiere of “Extraction 2” was a remarkable fusion of beauty and talent. The event showcased the camaraderie and dedication of actors from different backgrounds, uniting to create a cinematic masterpiece that transcends borders and captivates audiences worldwide.


  1. Who is H’Hen Nie? H’Hen Nie is Miss Universe Vietnam 2017, known for her beauty, elegance, and humanitarian efforts.
  2. What is “Extraction 2” about? “Extraction 2” follows the journey of Tyler Rake, a mercenary on a daring mission to rescue three hostages.
  3. Which countries’ actors attended the workshop for “Extraction 2”? Actors and actresses from Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan participated in the workshop.
  4. How did Chris Hemsworth greet Vietnamese viewers at the premiere? Chris Hemsworth greeted the Vietnamese viewers with “Xin chao Viet Nam,” meaning “Hello Vietnam.”
  5. What role catapulted Chris Hemsworth to international fame? Chris Hemsworth rose to international stardom for his portrayal of Thor in several Marvel movies.
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