Miss Vietnam and bank heir enjoy lovebirds life


In this captivating article, we delve into the enchanting world of Miss Vietnam 2016, Do My Linh, as she embarks on a beautiful journey as a newlywed with Do Vinh Quang, the son of the chairman of Saigon-Hanoi Bank (SHB). The couple’s wedding photo, captured in France last October, was recently shared, revealing a glimpse of their joyous union. Amidst the joys of matrimony, Do My Linh shares her aspirations for a successful career in the entertainment industry while gracefully balancing her newfound role as a loving wife and daughter-in-law. Join us as we explore the blossoming love story of Do My Linh and Do Vinh Quang.

A Fairy Tale Wedding

Last October, Do My Linh and Do Vinh Quang exchanged vows in a picturesque wedding ceremony in France. The couple radiated happiness as they began their journey as husband and wife. After keeping the wedding photo private for several months, they finally shared it with their fans and admirers.

Prioritizing Family and Career

Despite entering a new phase of her life as a wife, Do My Linh remains committed to her career in the entertainment industry. While she has been spending quality time with her husband and taking a step back from public events, she asserts that she will not abandon her passion for acting and hosting.

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Love and Travels

Over the past eight months, Do My Linh has cherished moments of love and adventure with her beloved husband. They have traveled together, creating unforgettable memories as they explore new destinations and cultures.

Growth and Maturity

Marriage has been a transformative experience for Do My Linh. She shares how the love and support of her mother-in-law have helped her adapt to her new life gracefully. Embracing her newfound roles as a wife and daughter-in-law, Do My Linh has blossomed into a more mature and confident woman.

A Cheerful Family Atmosphere

Do My Linh enjoys the warm and cheerful atmosphere of her new family. Surrounded by love and care, she finds joy in the company of her husband and his family.

Quang: The Responsible and Caring Husband

Do Vinh Quang, the son of the chairman of SHB and chairman of Hanoi Football Club, is described as a responsible and caring husband. His loving and considerate nature has deeply touched Do My Linh’s heart, making her feel like an integral part of his family.

The Beauty Queen’s Social Life

Despite her commitment to her family life, Do My Linh still maintains strong bonds with her friends and peers in Hanoi. She continues to engage with her social circle, celebrating friendships and connections that have been an essential part of her journey.

Compliments and Success

Do My Linh’s grace and elegance have not gone unnoticed, earning her compliments from admirers. Her journey from being crowned Miss Vietnam 2016 to her participation in the 2017 Miss World contest and her successful career as a fashion model and TV host have left a lasting impact on her fans.

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A Journey from Miss Vietnam to Wife

Do My Linh’s life has been a beautiful progression from her pageant days to becoming a loving wife. While her achievements have been commendable, her heart is now content in her role as a wife and the joy she finds in her husband’s love.


The love story of Miss Vietnam 2016, Do My Linh, and Do Vinh Quang is a tale of romance, growth, and success. Their wedding marked the beginning of a joyous journey as a couple, where love, family, and career harmoniously intertwine. As Do My Linh continues to embrace the roles of wife and entertainer, she inspires many with her grace and determination.


  1. When did Do My Linh and Do Vinh Quang get married?Do My Linh and Do Vinh Quang tied the knot in October in a beautiful wedding ceremony held in France.
  2. Is Do My Linh focusing solely on her family life?Despite prioritizing her family, Do My Linh remains committed to her career in the entertainment industry.
  3. What are Do Vinh Quang’s professional roles?Do Vinh Quang holds positions as the chairman of SHB and the chairman of Hanoi Football Club.
  4. How has marriage transformed Do My Linh?Marriage has brought about growth and maturity in Do My Linh, shaping her into a more confident woman.
  5. What career achievements did Do My Linh have before her marriage?Do My Linh was crowned Miss Vietnam 2016 and also participated in the 2017 Miss World contest. She pursued a successful career as a fashion model and TV host before getting married.
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