Mongolia allows e-visa for Vietnamese

Vietnamese can currently get e-visas for traveling to Mongolia, according to the nation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which currently gives 98 nations e-visa eligibility.
Formerly, Vietnamese travelers that wished to travel to Mongolia required to apply for a paper visa at a government office, a process which could take 5-7 days or more.

Tourists can currently just apply online at Mongolia’s immigration department site. After completing kinds and also paying charges ($25, plus various other sustained expenses), applications will be processed within three working days.

Mongolia’s international affairs ministry website updated its list of 98 e-visa-eligible countries to include Vietnam on Feb. 15.

Vietnamese residents can obtain an e-visa to Mongolia for three purposes: tourism, transit or involvement in occasions. The e-visa can be published out on paper or reduced one’s phone.

However, one’s key requires to be valid for a minimum of 180 days before the date of visa application. Involving Mongolia for any other reason than the factors specified in the application forms is considered a prohibited act. Having a visa likewise does not indicate automatic entry, as that decision would depend on customizeds employees.

Zolo Zolkhuu, a tourist guide in Mongolia that often guides Vietnamese travelers, said the e-visa would certainly make it simpler for vacationers to find to Mongolia.

Pham Hoai Thuong, that visited Mongolia at the end of 2022, claimed an e-visa would certainly assist her save money if she determines to come back to Mongolia this summertime. As Thuong resides in Da Lat, she would need to travel to HCMC for a paper visa to Mongolia.