More robots in Germany’s industry

According to the Federal Statistical Office, robots are used primarily in large industrial companies in Germany. The spread of 3D printers is also increasing.

Robots in action in the VW factory in Zwickau

GLarger industrial companies in Germany use robots for production or service tasks comparatively often. Almost every fifth company (19 percent) in the manufacturing sector used such technologies in the past year, as the Federal Statistical Office reported on Monday at the opening of the Hanover Fair. According to the figures from last year, this only applies to 6 percent of companies in the economy as a whole.

Since the last survey in 2018, the use of robots in industry has increased by another 3 percentage points. In addition, the size of the company clearly determines the use of robots: if there are more than 250 employees, 31 percent of the companies rely on robots. In the case of small companies with 10 to 49 employees, however, it is only 3 percent.

According to the Federal Office, industrial robots are used, for example, for welding, laser or painting work. Service robots are used, among other things, for monitoring, transport or cleaning. 3D printers are also found most frequently in large companies, where they are mainly used for prototypes and models for internal use, so almost every fourth large company in the manufacturing sector already uses 3D printers (23 percent). Two years ago, according to the Federal Office, the proportion was 18 percent.