More space required for BioNTech instead of apartments

The CDU is against apartments on the grounds of the Generalfeldzeugmeister barracks in Mainz. Reason: The project limits the development potential of BioNTech enormously.

Expandable: BioNTech headquarters in Mainz

AThe CDU in Mainz criticizes the plans for a new BioNTech campus to be created in the upper town. Basically, it is to be praised that the now world-famous vaccine manufacturer can expand and develop at its headquarters, An der Goldgrube 12. It is regrettable, however, that the top of the city wants to use the area of ​​the Generalfeldzeugmeister barracks, which should be cleared by mid-2022, for residential development, which is downright “negligent”. In the opinion of the Union, it would be wiser as a city to secure the ten-hectare area for itself, if possible, in order to have space for companies willing to settle there.

Limiting the area to be redesigned after the withdrawal of the Bundeswehr by building housing would limit the development potential of BioNTech enormously, complains about CDU district chairman Sabine Flegel, who at this point hopes for more foresight from the traffic light coalition, which has a majority in the city council. The growth spurt that the Mainz-based company made as a vaccine producer in the corona pandemic gives an idea of ​​what could be possible if the company’s core business, the development of immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer, should one day have a similarly resounding success.