More than 10,000 bus and train drivers on strike

Millions of commuters and schoolchildren are threatened with massive disabilities on their way to work and class on Tuesday: public transport workers across the country are on strike today. Many buses and trains will probably stay in the depots.

No operation due to strike: empty subway station in Munich

PEnders traveling by bus and train have to expect unpleasant surprises this Tuesday. The Verdi union has called for a full-day, nationwide warning strike (from 3 a.m.). As a result, many buses and trains could stay in the depots early in the morning due to a lack of drivers. Trains of Deutsche Bahn and other railway companies are not affected. Consumers can sometimes find out about known strike measures and their likely duration on the website of their local public transport provider.

The union expects more than 10,000 warning strikers in local traffic in North Rhine-Westphalia alone. Verdi boss Frank Werneke wants to speak in Wuppertal this morning. Employers had criticized the union’s call to strike as an “attack on the general public”. Verdi countered that the employers had “provoked the strike” with their refusal to negotiate a nationwide framework collective agreement.

Verdi demands nationwide uniform regulations for the compensation of overtime and the allowances for shift work. According to Verdi, improvements in the area of ​​working time regulations and categorization are also being negotiated at the state level. In North Rhine-Westphalia it is about the working conditions of 30,000 employees.