‘My marriage with Vietnamese American billionaire is fine’: singer Ha Phuong


In a recent interview, renowned folk ballad singer Ha Phuong opened up about her marriage with Vietnamese-American billionaire Chinh Chu. Addressing rumors that had been circulating about their relationship, the 51-year-old singer confirmed that she and her 57-year-old husband are living happily together. This article explores the details of their relationship and how they have dealt with the challenges they faced as a couple.

The Rumor Mill

The rumors surrounding Ha Phuong and Chinh Chu’s marriage first emerged from a Daily Mail article published in May 2019. The article reported on a lawsuit involving Chinh Chu and Calvin Klein model Simona Andrejic, referring to Chu as “a single father of two children and his ex-wife, singer Ha Phuong.” This wording sparked speculations that Ha Phuong and Chinh Chu had divorced.

Laughter in the Face of Rumors

Upon learning about the rumors, Ha Phuong admits to feeling annoyed initially. However, she soon found humor in the situation, realizing that some people enjoy fabricating stories. Instead of letting it affect their relationship, Ha Phuong focused on her music career, while Chinh Chu prioritized his business ventures. In an interview with VnExpress, she expressed that she was used to such gossip about herself over the years.

A Marriage of Harmony and Love

Over the past two decades, Ha Phuong and Chinh Chu have often been the subjects of rumors involving extramarital affairs. However, they have remained strong as a couple, finding harmony as parents to their two daughters, Diana and Angelina, aged 17 and 15, respectively. Despite having different mindsets and lifestyles, the couple’s love for their children and mutual respect for each other have been the pillars of their enduring bond.

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Weathering the Storms

Their relationship grew even stronger when Chinh Chu faced a serious illness two years ago. Ha Phuong recalls that during that difficult time, she needed her husband’s support more than ever. The experience of facing adversity together further strengthened their connection. The couple found solace in each other’s presence, realizing that their marriage is like a beautiful piece of music with its ups and downs.

Balancing Art and Family

As a renowned singer, Ha Phuong continues to pursue her passion for music, with the unwavering support of her husband. However, she has become more selective about the activities she participates in, dedicating most of her time to her family. She emphasizes her concern for the future of their daughters and wishes to focus on her passion once they have finished their education.

A Musical Family

Ha Phuong’s family has a rich musical tradition. Born into a talented musical lineage, she is the sister of veteran folk singer Cam Ly and pop singer Minh Tuyet. Her love for music runs deep, and she uses it as a means to relieve stress and find solace in difficult times.

Chinh Chu: A Successful Businessman

Chinh Chu, an American businessman of Vietnamese heritage, is actively involved in finance and technology. In 2019, his net worth was estimated to be around $1.1 billion by The Richest. Despite their different career paths, Ha Phuong and Chinh Chu’s shared love for their daughters and their ability to respect each other’s individual ambitions have been key to maintaining their marital happiness.


Ha Phuong and Chinh Chu’s marriage stands strong, even amidst rumors and challenges. They exemplify the essence of love, mutual support, and understanding that are necessary for a successful and fulfilling relationship. As they continue to embrace their unique journeys in music and business, they cherish the harmonious notes that have bound their lives together.

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  1. Is Ha Phuong still pursuing her music career? Yes, Ha Phuong continues to pursue her passion for music, with the support of her husband.
  2. How many children do Ha Phuong and Chinh Chu have? They have two daughters, Diana and Angelina.
  3. What is Chinh Chu’s profession? Chinh Chu is a successful businessman involved in finance and technology.
  4. What is the key to their successful marriage? The couple attributes their successful marriage to love, mutual respect, and supporting each other’s individual ambitions.
  5. How did Ha Phuong handle the rumors about their marriage? Ha Phuong laughed off the rumors and chose to focus on her music career and family life.