New type of Vietnamese passport to be granted from Aug 15

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Vietnam’s New Passport Type: What You Need to Know

In an evolving world, the nature of international travel has continually shifted. Nations adapt to these changes by introducing measures to facilitate smoother transitions across borders. Vietnam, always at the forefront of innovation, has taken another significant step in this direction.

Introduction to the New Passport

Under the aegis of the Ministry of Public Security, Vietnam has released a new circular introducing a brand-new passport type. This addition aims to cater to unique situations faced by Vietnamese citizens abroad.

Key Features

The highlight of this novel passport is its “shortened procedures” feature. What does it look like? It boasts a stark black cover and consists of just 12 pages. Moreover, it’s tailored for short-term use with a validity period of only up to 12 months.

Eligibility Criteria

So, who’s in line to receive this kind of passport?

  1. Individuals on Time-Bound Travel: Those with a definite overseas stay duration.
  2. Lost Passport Holders: Individuals who’ve misplaced their regular passports and need an immediate return to Vietnam.
  3. Residency Restrictions: Those facing residency denials in host countries, not protected by international treaties, or without a valid passport.
  4. Forced Returnees: Individuals mandated to return based on international repatriation treaties.
  5. Defense and Security Concerns: Persons who, for defense and security reasons, must be granted this type of passport.

Overview of Existing Vietnamese Passports

The Three Traditional Passport Types

Up until now, Vietnamese citizens had three passport options:

  1. Diplomatic Passport: Recognizable by its brown-red cover.
  2. Official Passport: Comes in a dark green hue.
  3. Regular Passport: Distinguished by its blue-purple cover.
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These passports have served and will continue to serve Vietnamese travelers across various capacities.

Vietnam’s Rising Rank in the Travel Freedom Index

It’s not just about introducing new passport types; Vietnam has been making waves on the global scene. The latest global travel freedom index, curated by London-based Henley & Partners, showcased Vietnam moving up six spots, claiming the 82nd rank. The reason? Vietnamese citizens now relish visa-free access to an impressive 55 destinations.


Travel represents freedom, adventure, and understanding. With the introduction of this new passport, Vietnam demonstrates its commitment to ensuring that its citizens have every possible tool at their disposal to experience the world. As the world grows more interconnected, such measures underscore the importance of adaptability and forward-thinking.


  1. When will the new type of passport be available?
    • The new passport will be issued from Aug. 15.
  2. How many pages does the new passport contain?
    • The new passport comprises 12 pages.
  3. What’s the validity period of the new passport?
    • The validity of the new passport is no more than 12 months.
  4. How many types of Vietnamese passports exist now with the new addition?
    • With the introduction of the new type, there are now four different Vietnamese passport types.
  5. Why was the new passport type introduced?
    • It was introduced to cater to unique situations faced by Vietnamese citizens abroad, such as loss of their regular passport or residency restrictions.