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Discovering Vietnam: The Magic of Extended Stays

Ah, Vietnam! A country of incredible landscapes, mouth-watering cuisine, and a rich tapestry of history and culture. And soon, travelers will have an even better opportunity to immerse themselves in all its splendor.

The Heart of Slow Travel

Paul Theroux’s Take on Travel

“Going slowly was the best way of being reminded that there is a relationship between Here and There, and that travel narrative was the story of There and Back.” These words from Paul Theroux, the celebrated American novelist, resonate with many travelers. He emphasized that the essence of traveling should not just be moving from one place to another, but taking the time to absorb, to appreciate, and to connect.

Benefits of Prolonged Travel

Sustainable Ecotourism

The chance to bond with local communities and adapt eco-friendly travel means you often stumble upon NGOs and sustainable ecotourism endeavors. These ventures prioritize the environment, moving away from massive tourism infrastructure.

The Impact of Impromptu Adventures

How often have you heard someone say they wished they had more time at a destination? Spontaneity can be the key to unforgettable memories. Take the popular attractions of Ba Na Hills and Cu Chi Tunnels. While intriguing, it’s the unexpected interactions, like sharing tea with a local family or an unplanned detour, that linger long after the trip is over.

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Vietnam’s New Visa Policy: A Game Changer

Overcoming The Standard Travel Route

Memorable Interactions Beyond Guidebooks

A poignant example is of a traveler stranded in a remote part of central Vietnam. A simple act of running out of gas transformed into a cherished memory. A local’s kindness turned the day around, culminating in an impromptu tea session and an unexpected haircut. These moments might not be in your guidebook, but they’ll surely be the highlights of your narrative.

Choices Beyond The Usual

Historically, a two-week trip might make you choose between Sa Pa or Ha Giang in the north, or between Hoi An and Nha Trang along the coast. The new 90-day visa alters this, providing ample time to discover more.

Unexplored Gems of Vietnam

The Northern Wonders

Places like Mu Cang Chai, Cao Bang, or Lang Son, often side-stepped in shorter trips, are now within reach. These destinations, brimming with culture and scenic beauty, will likely see a rise in visitors.

The Coastal Delights

Beach lovers, rejoice! Longer stays mean lazing under the palm trees in places like Mui Ne and Quy Nhon, which might not have made the cut in shorter visits before.

The Positive Shift Post-Pandemic

Renewed Travel Possibilities

Tourism sectors worldwide took a hit due to the pandemic. As Vietnam opens its gates with extended visa policies, it’s a win-win. While travelers get to explore more, the locals benefit from the revitalized tourism.


Vietnam, with its new visa policy, is not just offering extended stays. It’s presenting an invitation – to experience, to discover, and to create stories that last a lifetime. Isn’t it time we considered lingering a little longer, savoring moments, and cherishing impromptu adventures?

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  1. When will the new 90-day tourist visas be available?
    • It will be available in less than a week.
  2. Can travelers still opt for the shorter 15 or 30-day visas?
    • Yes, those options are still available, but the new policy offers extended choices.
  3. What’s the main advantage of the 90-day visa?
    • It allows travelers to immerse deeply, explore more areas, and travel at a relaxed pace.
  4. Is the new visa policy applicable to all international visitors?
    • It’s available to a wide array of international visitors, but details should be checked based on one’s nationality.
  5. How will extended visas promote sustainable tourism?
    • Longer stays will enable tourists to explore eco-friendly options and support local, sustainable initiatives.