Only Fraport Airport in China is on the rise

As a result of the corona pandemic, Frankfurt Airport is still largely idle. In China, on the other hand, the operator Fraport is feeling a significant upturn in business.

Waiting line: There are still many aircraft at the most important Lufthansa airport in Frankfurt

WWhile airlines are preparing for more missions than in the past weeks marked by the corona pandemic, the view in the rearview mirror is not only unpleasant for Lufthansa, Condor and other aviation groups. As a result, the Frankfurt airport operator can still only report low numbers of passengers and freight. The group reports that the number of passengers is still at a historically low level, but the so-called cargo business is holding up better. And Fraport is feeling the upswing again in China.

272,826 passengers in May meant a decrease of almost 96 percent over the year. In May of last year, Fraport welcomed around five million passengers at its home airport. In the first five months, the minus adds up to around 57 percent. The take-offs and landings fell by four fifths to 7,764. “The total of the maximum take-off weights fell by 72.4 percent to 776,676 tons,” Fraport continues. All of the consequences of the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic.

Lichtblick Xi’an

Because there was no additional cargo in passenger planes, the cargo volume fell by almost 14 percent to 160,502 tons. However, Fraport speaks of a stabilization in this business area.

Frankfurt’s airport holdings abroad also continue to suffer from the consequences of the corona. The decrease in the number of passengers is therefore between 89 and 99 percent. “Only at Xi’an Airport in China did a significant recovery in passenger traffic, with a volume of around 2.2 million passengers.”