Opel boss open for a four-day week

“The four-day week can help to secure jobs,” says Opel boss Lohscheller. At the moment, however, the instrument of short-time work is used.

Michael Lohscheller, Managing Director of Opel Automobile GmbH and member of the Board of Management of Groupe PSA

Opel boss Michael Lohscheller has shown himself to be open to the initiative of the union IG Metall to save jobs in the auto industry with a four-day week. “In principle, we are open to all ideas. The four-day week can help to secure jobs ”, Lohscheller told the newspapers of the Funke media group on Monday. However, Opel is currently using the instrument of short-time work.

“We are currently experiencing a comprehensive structural change in the industry. You first have to discuss in detail which instruments make the most sense, ”said Lohscheller.

Since the takeover by the French PSA group in the summer of 2017, not only has the number of employees been significantly reduced, but the management level has also been significantly streamlined, the Opel boss said. “The stairs are swept from above. We have removed entire levels of the hierarchy. “

Lohscheller sees the manufacturer well equipped for the upcoming merger of PSA with Fiat Chrysler to form the fourth largest automaker in the world, which will be called Stellantis. “We are in a good position as a profitable company, not with 20 years of losses as we did under our old owner,” he told the Funke newspapers. The merger is a great opportunity for Opel with a view to global sales. “Opel will be the German brand in the new group.”