Opel cuts fewer jobs in the parts warehouse than feared

Of more than 300 positions in the parts warehouse in Rüsselsheim, the Opel management wanted to leave only about 100. But one thing is certain: 150 jobs will remain there. There is also news about the Bochum location.

Preservation: In addition to vehicle construction, the parts warehouse will also be retained in Rüsselsheim, albeit smaller than before

EAt Opel, there is still consensus: the management and works council have agreed to keep the goods distribution center at the headquarters in Rüsselsheim. The unit, known for short as the parts store, is being reduced in size. However, not as many jobs will be lost as the company announced a good year ago. This is based on a leaflet from the members of IG Metall in the works council, which the FAZ has received.

Accordingly, after months of negotiations, both sides have agreed on a partial reconciliation of interests. According to the leaflet, this agreement provides for around 150 jobs to be retained. The management originally wanted to cut two thirds of the 300 positions at the time. The result that has now been announced came about before the arbitration board. This is a kind of arbitration board headed by a labor judge. Employee representatives and managers of the car manufacturer meet constantly in front of the arbitration board to clarify disputes.

Replacement jobs in Bochum

The previous goods distribution center in southern Hesse will in future operate as a logistics center, as it is called. Organizationally, 26 workplaces in the return shipping guarantee center will be connected to this in the future. Nothing will change for the employees concerned.

In addition, Opel will create 89 replacement jobs in Bochum. According to IG Metall representatives, these positions should be of interest to former production employees at the former Opel plant in North Rhine-Westphalia who are active in Rüsselsheim. You could now apply for these jobs and return to Bochum in this way. “One thing is clear: the change in the tariff zone must not have any disadvantages for the employees,” the leaflet said. Detailed regulations have been made for this purpose.

As it goes on, the agreement was reached last Tuesday and has yet to be decided by the group works council. One day after the meeting in front of the arbitration board, the management angered the employee representatives by threatening to question the protection against dismissal agreed until August 2025 if no more Opel employees than before opt for one of the ongoing volunteer programs. Opel wants to get rid of 2100 more employees if possible, but according to the company, only 500 employees have accepted one of the offers, such as a severance payment or partial retirement.