Opel takes 17 cases to the state labor court

In April, Opel lost a number of dismissal protection suits from employees who did not want to switch to the service provider Segula. Now the car manufacturer is resisting and appealing.

Dispute: In the dispute over a partial sale of the development center and a change of employees to the service provider Segula, several employees went to court

Dhe Rüsselsheim car manufacturer Opel has appealed against judgments of the Darmstadt labor court in 17 cases to the Hessian regional labor court. In all cases, it concerns dismissal protection suits by employees who had refused to switch to the service provider Segula operated by Opel and were later dismissed. The labor court found these 17 workers right in April.

As the spokeswoman for the state labor court informed the FAZ on request, the appeals were received on July 8th. Shortly thereafter, the period expired for Opel Automobile GmbH to appeal against the first instance decisions. The appeals are not yet justified, said the spokeswoman. A company spokesman confirmed the facts.

Highly specialized employees

As it was said in April, the 17 employees are predominantly highly specialized engineers and mechatronics technicians. Six of the proceedings pending in Darmstadt were settled by both sides. Details on this are not known. An Opel spokesman said at the time: “We are amazed at the first instance decisions of the Darmstadt Labor Court in the proceedings.”

Opel has sold part of the development center to the French family company Segula. This transaction is part of the restructuring of the car manufacturer, who wants to permanently reduce costs. Originally, Opel wanted to hand over 2,000 employees to Segula, but only 750 finally accepted the offer. Others opted for severance pay, took early retirement or switched to partial retirement. Previously, the works council had campaigned against a partial sale.

In the course of the dispute, Opel had issued a warning: Employees selected to switch to the French could object to the upcoming transfer of operations. You then lose the protection against redundancies for operational reasons until July 2023. A severance payment would also be lost, as it was already said in May 2019.