Pay thousands of kuna of fine for mules and jerks from Croatia

When traveling on holiday, think about what to pack in your suitcase. You will avoid such high fines or even a criminal sentence. Similarly, an innocent souvenir will break through at the return.

Beware of souvenirs made of mo

You do not have to expect another problem for your personal needs, the cameras, photos, sports equipment are not subject to duty either.

It is good to confirm the import of special expensive goods into the country, directly from customs on the Croatian border. This means not only in the case of theft and the subsequent case of the case with the insurance companies, but also in the moment when you come across a strange customs house on your way back, who will be interested in how you drank and drink.

Food yes, but only limited

If you want to pack some food or food, it’s mon. Just sweat with a limited amount. Pastries, meat, milk, meat products, small products are allowed, up to 10 kilograms per person. You can take fish and gave the fruit fruit by pounds. You can also drink dry milk for infants, baby food and foods for special live food, for example if you have a gluten-free diet. The amount is again limited to 10 kilograms per person.

Croats are delicate for lky, so take only the necessary ones. If this is the case, you should take the medicine with you first that you need it. Homeopathic me was just one pack.

If all these things, in addition to personal needs, the total value of more than 300 kuna, you will pay for an additional 23 percent tax.

Pi nvratu home attention to souvenirs

For the sake of cultural wealth, most countries are busy and just don’t let them take them. It also applies to Croatia.

The carriage of mules, old wrecks, amphorae and everything that sweats to Moscow’s wealth is important. “Mules who buy tritch as souvenirs are no problem. It is in the mountains with mules caught out of the sea, such as the woodpecker, the pinnacle or the black moose. Tourists can only get to them in Norwegian, but they can’t be told, ”says editors Tom Brejcha.

According to him, fines for “equal” products are in the breath of thousands of kunas. “I would advise not to succumb to the momentary hope of looking at the giant terrestrial elvik, which can be bought on the Croatian markets. It is possible to fly them only with permission, as well as corals, which are not three centimeters taller, ”adds Pavla hov from the Czech Environmental Inspectorate.

The inspectorate has several hundred cases of ignorant tourists every year, who take a kind of holiday, they accidentally check them by customs and they have to pay a fine and 1.5 million crowns for non-compliance with the regulations. ” and two thousand crowns for the people to remember, ”adds Pavla hov.

Information on the conditions for the import of animals and plants protected internationally by CITES and EU regulations can be found on the Ministry’s website and so on here. On the website of the ministry you will also find a guide to souvenirs from free sale. Although the sentence is not full, CITES protects more than five thousand species of animals and about 28 thousand plants, for the basic orientation of tourists to determine the post.

Just as people know the obligation to be vaccinated, they should also study customs regulations.