Philippines casino revenue seen doubling by 2028 as tourists flock in


Booming Casino Revenue in the Philippines by 2028

The sun is rising on the Philippines’ gambling industry, and it’s shining brighter than ever. With a forecast to double the gross gaming revenue by 2028, the Philippines is not just playing its cards right but is setting itself up to be a gambling powerhouse in Southeast Asia.

Impressive Growth Projections

Historical Performance
Recent data shows that the Philippines is on a roller-coaster of success. In 2019, the Total Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) stood at a record 256 billion pesos. Though the coronavirus pandemic momentarily threw the dice off course in 2020, by 2022 the GGR rebounded to 214 billion pesos.

The Road to Future Growth
Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp (Pagcor) Chairman Alejandro Tengco, in a chat with Reuters, revealed a sunny forecast: an anticipated 10% annual growth in GGR. By his estimates, within five years, the revenue will spike between 450 billion to 500 billion pesos ($7.9 to $8.8 billion).

New Casino Ventures

Flagship Projects
But it’s not just about the numbers. The Philippines is amping up its gaming scene. At least six new casino establishments, amounting to roughly $3 billion, are in the works. These ventures will not only boost local revenues but also place the country on a competitive platform against emerging casino destinations like Japan and Thailand.

Importance of Foreign Players
Tengco’s confidence in the local market is evident. Yet, he emphasized the untapped potential from foreign markets. With improving foreign travel guidelines, there’s a golden opportunity to further enhance the industry’s performance.

Potential Challenges

International Threats
However, every game has its challenges. Prospective casinos in Japan and Thailand could pull the rug from under the Philippines’ feet.

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Domestic Concerns
Tengco also highlighted potential domestic hiccups. From the proliferation of illegal gambling to economic downturns and potential geopolitical conflicts, there are factors that could shuffle the deck.

Capturing the High Rollers
The Philippines, with its mini Las Vegas strip in the capital, has always had a magnetic appeal. High-stake players from China, Japan, and South Korea find it a favorable spot to place their bets. This allure has drawn both foreign and local firms to establish billion-dollar integrated casino-resorts. And with six more gaming facilities on the horizon, the country is all set to deal a winning hand.

The Philippines’ gamble to further its gaming industry is paying off in spades. With strategic ventures, an eye on attracting foreign players, and addressing potential challenges, it’s poised to be the next big casino hub in Southeast Asia.


  1. What’s the projected growth rate for the Philippines’ gambling industry?
    A steady 10% annual growth in GGR is expected.
  2. Are foreign players a significant aspect of the growth?
    Yes, with improved foreign travel guidelines, there’s potential for an even greater influx of international players.
  3. What challenges might the industry face in the future?
    Potential international competition, illegal gambling proliferation, economic downturns, and geopolitical conflicts.
  4. How many new casinos are being planned in the Philippines?
    Six new establishments, with a combined investment of around $3 billion.
  5. How does the Philippines plan to maintain its edge against international competition?
    By privatizing state-owned casinos, introducing new gaming projects, and implementing policy reforms.