Photo of dolphin-shaped fishing net in Phu Yen wins $10,000 prize


Photography has the power to capture fleeting moments, turning them into timeless memories. One such moment, captured in the waters of Phu Yen, has taken center stage at the ProArtist Awards 2023.

The Award-winning Moment

Taken by the talented Thai Viet Hoan during his working trip in May 2022, his photograph, titled “Dolphin in the Sea,” has won him accolades and a handsome cash prize of US$10,000 in the Photography category. But what makes this image so special?

The Story Behind the Shot

Phu Yen’s Scenic Beauty

Set in Hon Yen Islet of Phu Yen, the photograph depicts a fisherman, engrossed in harvesting anchovies, a regional specialty. These tiny fish play a significant role in Vietnamese cuisine, especially as they’re transformed into the beloved fish sauce, a staple condiment.

The Inspiration Behind the Photograph

When you look at Hoan’s photograph, the fishing net, sprawled across the sea, creates an unmistakable silhouette of a dolphin. It’s a captivating image, especially when you notice the small red basket boat of the fisherman positioned just right, giving life to the dolphin shape.

A Unique Capture

Comments from the Judging Panel

Ruben Wu, a notable visual artist, photographer, and member of the judging panel, shared his awe for the image, saying, “The delicate wisps of the fishing net hang beautifully beneath the water, evoking thoughts of a giant sea creature.”

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Yen Islet itself, located about 15 kilometers north of Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen’s capital, boasts stunning and delicate coral reefs, which the government has taken efforts to protect, emphasizing the balance between nature and human activities.

ProArtist Awards 2023 Overview

This year’s contest wasn’t just a platform for photographers. It showcased a plethora of artistic expressions, attracting thousands of entries from over 100 countries. Participants, through their work, narrated their personal tales and viewpoints, enriching the contest with diversity and creativity.

Contest Categories

Organizers and Collaborators

There were four main categories: Photography, Graphic Design, Film, and Animation. The driving force behind these awards? The tech giant, Asus, in alliance with industry leaders Pantone and Calibrite, and in partnership with esteemed film and animation schools.


The ProArtist Awards 2023 reiterate the power of art, its ability to tell stories, and the profound impact a single image can have. Thai Viet Hoan’s photograph from Phu Yen is not just an award-winning snap; it’s a testament to the magic that can be captured when man, nature, and artistry collide.


  1. Who took the award-winning photo “Dolphin in the Sea”?
    • Thai Viet Hoan captured the image.
  2. What was the prize amount for the winning photograph?
    • US$10,000.
  3. Where is Hon Yen Islet located?
    • It’s situated in Phu Yen, approximately 15 kilometers north of Tuy Hoa.
  4. How many categories were there in the ProArtist Awards 2023?
    • There were four categories: Photography, Graphic Design, Film, and Animation.
  5. Who organizes the ProArtist Awards?
    • They are organized by Asus in alliance with Pantone and Calibrite, along with collaboration from film and animation schools.
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