“Please work at Tesla Giga Berlin”

Tesla is looking for employees for the planned Gigafactory in Grünheide. Elon Musk even advertises this in German.

Elon Musk, Tesla boss, stands laughing on the construction site of the Tesla Gigafactory.

Ob Tesla boss Elon Musk will actually give the speech at the opening of the new Gigafactory Berlin next year in German? At least he’s working his way slowly. “Please work at Giga Berlin! It’s going to be great fun !! ”tweeted Musk on Friday night.

The appeal and the praise on our own cause have a reason: Shortly before, Brandenburg’s Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach (SPD) said in a conversation with the FAZ that the American electric car manufacturer in Grünheide, Brandenburg, does not want to create around 12,000 jobs, as previously known, but in the future 40,000 jobs could be created. Steinbach met Musk last week during his visit to Germany to talk about the company’s future plans. The fact that more than three times as many jobs are to be created than originally planned was greeted with enthusiasm among Tesla fans in social networks. Immediately speculations made the rounds as to which models besides Model Y could still be created in Germany.

For some time now, Musk has been running a real advertising campaign for the factory in Grünheide via the short message service, but also on site. During his visit to the 8,300-inhabitant town in the Berlin area last week, he posted a photo of himself in a carpenter’s outfit for the topping-out ceremony in Grünheide and a heart-lined praise for “Your excellent work on Giga Berlin !!”

Starting next summer, Tesla plans to initially build up to 500,000 electric cars a year in Grünheide. The Brandenburg Ministry of Economics expects that the approval for the entire project will be granted by mid-December. So far, Tesla has been building with preliminary permits and at its own risk. On September 23, a public hearing of the State Environment Agency with opponents of the project will take place in the neighboring town of Erkner. Around 400 objections were received. The main point of criticism is the factory’s water requirement, which Tesla has recently significantly reduced through adjustments in its building application. However, it is only about the first construction phase, not about the further expansion stages of the factory. Among other things, a battery cell production facility is also to be built on the site.

During his visit to Germany, Musk was also asked about the water issue – and made no secret of the fact that he considers the concerns to be exaggerated. The pine trees around the construction site look pretty green, so the area can’t be particularly dry. At least so far, the discussion about the environmental impact of the factory has not diminished his desire to build in Germany. “Germany rocks,” said Musk.