Pocket money for children is a bloat, mind your aunt

According to experts, children should build a relationship with pensions from a young age. If they do not receive pocket money from their parents, they do not know the value of pensions and do not learn to handle them responsibly. Tetina eskch rodi vak dn kapesn dtem nedv.

Relation to pen

Children in Slovakia are similar. In Russia, on the other hand, the nations are unprecedented, with 95 days out of a hundred of them docking financially. In the dark of children and pensions, a telephone survey was conducted in July among Home Credit clients in the countries where the company operates.

Pensions to own track from ten years

Addressed in all these countries, there is a ten-year period when children should be able to manage their own pensions. Most of them would regularly use their children from the age of school, ie from the age of six.

“Parents should devote enough time to explaining and discussing for children out-of-pocket what they have been retiring and what they are pocket-bound. Of course, it should be a small age in your pocket money, ”points out psychologist Ji Brank.

They consider 200 crowns to be a reasonable pocket money, Slovaks ten euros (roughly 240 crowns) and Russians 500 rubles (almost 300 crowns). According to Michal Kozubaz Home Credit, some families are many a week ago, and even a thousand or more crowns are considered reasonable pocket money. “With such a high pocket money, children often compensate for not having time for their offspring. The children are not aware of the value of pensions and high pocket money as a matter of course, ”warns Kozub.

Helping at home is a matter of course

Absolutely most of the people addressed think that children should help at home, nor would they receive any financial reward for it. Only a quarter of children in the Czech Republic and Russia give children financial peace of mind.

The Slovaks are the best. 87 percent of respondents think that children at work should not get “paid”.

Do you have your children regularly?

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Yes, up to 200 crowns.


No, I don’t have regular pocket children.


Yes, up to 500 crowns.


Ano, vce ne 1 000 coron.


Yes, up to 1,000 crowns.