Quang Ninh shows professionalism in serving Muslim visitors


Welcoming Muslim Visitors with Open Arms

As the world becomes more interconnected, the need for inclusive tourism increases. Quang Ninh, located in Northern Vietnam, is paving the way in this regard by welcoming Muslim visitors according to Islamic traditions, emphasizing its commitment to Halal tourism.

Embracing Islamic Traditions

Delasea Hotel’s Initiatives

Le Thanh Tam, the director of Delasea hotel, which recently hosted 28 Indian visitors, highlighted the efforts taken to cater to their unique needs. From inviting experts for staff training to setting up separate amenities like stairs, room floors, and restaurants, every detail was thoughtfully considered. Even the kitchen wasn’t left out, with a chef trained to meet the high Halal standards required by Muslim travelers.

Quang Ninh’s Strategic Vision for Halal Tourism

Understanding the potential of Halal tourism, Quang Ninh isn’t stopping at just one hotel. Plans are already underway to further this niche tourism sector.

Upcoming Initiatives

A Conference to Boost Halal Tourism

Come mid-September, the province has planned a conference. The focus? Expanding the Muslim market, promoting Halal tourism, and enhancing service quality for these tourists.

Adapting to the Global Tourism Landscape

The tourism landscape is ever-evolving. With a decline in visitors from China and European countries, it’s essential to adapt and explore new avenues.

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Diversifying Tourism Markets

A Shift Towards Islamic Countries

Recognizing the potential of Islamic countries as new tourism markets, travel firms are actively working to appeal to this demographic.

Infrastructure Development

Creating Muslim-Friendly Spaces

It’s not just about attracting tourists; it’s also about ensuring they have a comfortable stay. Quang Ninh is focusing on building infrastructure, accommodations, and destinations that cater specifically to Muslim tourists. Should the demand rise, they’re even encouraging hotels to invest more in this direction.

Quang Ninh’s Tourism Achievements

The province has been making significant strides in tourism. But what do the numbers say?

Impressive Visitor Numbers

The UNESCO-Recognized Ha Long Bay

In just the first seven months of 2023, Quang Ninh saw a whopping 10.8 million visitors. Home to the UNESCO-recognized Natural Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay, the province is aiming even higher – to serve at least 15 million visitors this year.


Quang Ninh is demonstrating to the world how to adapt, evolve, and cater to diverse tourist groups. Their commitment to Halal tourism is a testament to this adaptability, ensuring every visitor feels at home.


  1. What is Halal tourism?
    • Halal tourism caters to the specific needs and practices of Muslim travelers.
  2. How is Quang Ninh supporting Halal tourism?
    • Through infrastructure development, staff training, and strategic conferences to boost the sector.
  3. Are there specific hotels in Quang Ninh catering to Muslim travelers?
    • Yes, Delasea hotel is one such establishment that has made significant efforts in this regard.
  4. Why is there a shift towards Islamic countries for tourism?
    • Due to a fall in the number of visitors from traditional markets like China and Europe.
  5. How many visitors did Quang Ninh host in the first seven months of 2023?
    • Quang Ninh welcomed 10.8 million visitors during that period.
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