Railway competitors protest against aid for state-owned company

The private competition on the rails is protesting against the billions in aid for the railway with a 400-meter train made of locomotives – and would like to have money for it itself.

The locomotive train of the European Railways network leaves Berlin Central Station during a protest

Mith a train ride through Berlin, private competitors of Deutsche Bahn demonstrated against state aid for the federal company. The 400-meter train, made up of locomotives from various freight transport providers, drove through the government district on Monday with loud signal horns and stopped at the main train station.

“We demand that the federal government does not grant the federally owned DB Cargo preferential treatment,” said Ludolf Kerkeling, chairman of the European Railways Network. Above all, planned Corona aid would also have to go to the competitors, otherwise the state-owned company could force the competitors out of the market. Deutsche Bahn is to receive additional billions, because its income has collapsed as a result of the Corona crisis since mid-March. Five billion euros should flow as Corona aid into the equity of the state company. On the other hand, the cargo competitors want to take action before the court of the European Union if necessary.

The FDP transport politician Torsten Herbst pointed out that the private sector handled half of the freight traffic by rail. Instead of a capital injection for the DB, the federal government should use the money to lower the fee for rail use for all providers.