Railway employees get 1.5 percent more wages

Deutsche Bahn employees receive a higher tariff. No redundancies for operational reasons are possible until the beginning of 2023. The company aims to hire at least 18,000 people every year.

Here, Bahn employees show themselves in the new clothing introduced this year.

AThanks in part to concessions made by Deutsche Bahn to the EVG union, both sides have agreed on a tariff package. As of January 1, 2022, employees will receive around 1.5 percent more wages, as Deutsche Bahn (DB) announced on Friday. The collective agreement runs from March 2021 to the end of February 2023 and excludes redundancies during this period.

The group also guaranteed at least 18,000 jobs for 2021 and 2022, including 4,400 trainees. Both sides had already announced the agreement in principle on Thursday evening, but initially did not give any details.

Bahn and EVG had actually already agreed on key points at the beginning of September. But after criticism from the collective bargaining commissions of the EVG, the railway and transport union (EVG) insisted on improvements and demanded concrete commitments about future positions. In addition, there should not be a wage increase equal to the inflation rate, as originally planned, but a concrete plus of 1.5 percent. The union prevailed on these points. However, there have also been concessions on the part of the EVG, for example on the subject of compensation for distances, according to the railway.

Record loss and investment

It’s a balancing act for the state-owned company: On the one hand, the corona crisis resulted in a record loss of 3.7 billion euros in the first half of the year. Nevertheless, investments and discontinuation should continue. DB Personnel Director Martin Seiler described the agreement as a “milestone” and a special sign of responsibility in times of the virus pandemic. “It is a degree with a sense of proportion for secure jobs and a good education.”

The union said it was important to prevent the threat of job cuts in difficult times and to develop perspectives for the staff. “Our collective agreement protects employees at DB AG from the effects of the corona pandemic until the beginning of 2023. That was exactly our goal, ”said the designated EVG chairman Klaus-Dieter Hommel.