Thomas Drach was flown from the Netherlands to Cologne in a helicopter on Tuesday. The former Reemtsma kidnapper was arrested in Amsterdam.

A police helicopter brought Thomas Drach to a correctional facility in Cologne on Tuesday.

Dhe former Reemtsma kidnapper and suspected robber Thomas Drach was extradited from the Netherlands to Germany on Tuesday and imprisoned in Cologne. The accused had been flown to the prison in Cologne by helicopter, said senior public prosecutor Ulrich Bremer of the German press agency. Drach is now in custody. “The public prosecutor’s investigations can be expected to be concluded within the next few months,” said Bremer.

Last Tuesday, a court in Amsterdam approved Drach’s extradition to Germany. The 60-year-old was arrested ten weeks ago in the Dutch capital. He is strongly suspected of having committed three robberies.

Drach, who was born in Erftstadt near Cologne, is said to have committed three attacks on money transporters in Cologne and Frankfurt am Main with accomplices in 2018 and 2019. A security guard was seriously injured in a robbery. For years, however, there was no trace of the perpetrators. Meanwhile, a suspected Dutch accomplice of Drach was temporarily arrested in Amsterdam. He, too, should be brought to justice in Germany.

Drach, who had lived in Amsterdam until his arrest, had not objected to the extradition. He was only released from custody in autumn 2013. In 1996, Drach and accomplices kidnapped the Hamburg heir to the tobacco dynasty, Jan Philipp Reemtsma. The victim was released after 33 days – for the equivalent of around 18 million euros in ransom. Drach was later caught and sentenced to fourteen and a half years in prison.