Restaurant offers premium abalone soup

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Seafood World’s Luxurious Abalone Soup Welcome

Ever wondered what it’s like to taste luxury? Dive deep into the “Welcome to Hanoi” program offered by the Seafood World restaurant chain. A dish that transcends the regular dining experience, offering not just flavor, but also a journey through the seas.

A Unique Gesture of Hospitality

Through this initiative, guests booking a table at any Seafood World outlet in Hanoi are treated to an exquisite bowl of abalone soup worth VND500,000. Think about it: a luxurious soup served as a welcoming gesture!

The Richness of the Abalone Soup

If the name sounds royal, it’s because it truly is.

Green Abalone: The Star Ingredient

Of the numerous seafood types, green abalone stands out for its incredible taste and nutritional punch. Known to nourish the Yin, cool the liver, improve eyesight, and even benefit the cardiovascular system, it’s a gem from the Eastern Royal Palace’s culinary repertoire.

Shark Fin: The Bone-Strengthening Element

Floating alongside the green abalone is the shark fin. Packed with beneficial minerals like zinc, calcium, and phosphorus, it’s more than just an elegant ingredient; it’s a tonic for bones and joints.

Sea Cucumber: The Ocean’s Nutritional Gem

Completing the trinity is the sea cucumber, a deep-sea marvel that’s both nutritious and delicious. From joint pain relief to boosting the immune system, it’s the epitome of oceanic wellness.

A Decade of Seafood Excellence

Ten years back, the founders and chefs of Seafood World had a vision. They embarked on a journey, discovering the myriad seafood treasures the world’s oceans had to offer.

Journey from the Seas to Premium Dining

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From Vietnam’s coasts to the global seascape, they tasted, experimented, and learned. The result? A restaurant chain in Hanoi that now stands as the pinnacle of seafood luxury.

The Health and Spirit of the Distant Traveler

For the Seafood World team, seafood isn’t just food. It’s a reservoir of proteins, vitamins, and natural minerals – perfect for rejuvenating after long trips. Their “Welcome to Hanoi” program is more than a treat; it’s a nod to the vitality of their guests.

More than Just a Dish

At Seafood World, every dish tells a story. But the abalone soup? It’s a narrative in itself.

A Warm Welcome with Every Bowl

It’s not merely a bowl of soup; it’s a symbol of hospitality, an embrace for every guest, treating them as friends, family, and distinguished guests.

The Message Behind the Delicacy

The abalone soup stands as a beacon of prosperous and joyful cuisine. It encapsulates Seafood World’s vision of gifting diners not just with exceptional dishes but also with health and spiritual enrichment.

In the world of fine dining, where experiences count more than just the dish, Seafood World’s abalone soup is a testament to their commitment, passion, and hospitality.