Saigon weekend: what to do and where to go


Unveiling Saigon’s Weekend Delights

Saigon, a city of energy and excitement, has an array of weekend activities that promise to captivate your senses and satiate your interests. From cinematic experiences to cultural workshops, here’s a lineup of what’s in store for your next weekend in this bustling metropolis.

French Horror and Identity: “Eyes Without a Face”

Movie Details and Screening

Indulge in the world of classic French cinema with “Eyes Without a Face,” a timeless horror film that delves into the depths of identity, obsession, and madness. The movie revolves around Dr. Génessier, a brilliant yet tormented surgeon haunted by his daughter’s disfigurement caused by a tragic accident. You can catch this captivating cinematic journey at DCiné Cinema, located at 6 Mac Dinh Chi Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, on August 5 at 7 p.m. The screening is open to viewers aged 18 and above, with tickets priced at VND60,000 ($2.50) per person.

Street Art and Skateboard Extravaganza: “Sinh to Paradise”

“Sinh to Paradise” Overview

Embrace the synergy of street art and skateboard culture at the “Sinh to Paradise” event, a unique fusion presented by NODEY and Friends. This event is a celebration of artistic expression and skateboarding prowess, encompassing a graffiti contest, a skateboard contest, and an electrifying after party.

Graffiti Contest and Skateboard Action

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Unleash your creativity in the graffiti contest or witness the skills of professional skateboarders as they conquer ramps during the skateboard contest. The event promises not only captivating visuals but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the street art and skateboarding communities.

Grooving into the Night

Mark your calendars for August 5, from 1 p.m. to midnight, and head to Arcan, located at 236/29/2H Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District, for a day and night filled with creativity, talent, and lively beats.

Caring for Our Furry Friends: Pet Health Clinic Popup

Pet Health Clinic Popup

R House presents a special event in collaboration with Pet Health Clinic, a well-known veterinary hospital chain with branches across Vietnam. On August 4, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., bring your beloved canine companions to receive free consultations, checkups, and vaccinations.

Services Offered

Ensure your dogs’ well-being with expert advice and care. To participate, reserve a slot through the provided link and remember to bring your dogs’ vaccine book, leash, collar, and muzzle (if needed). Safety precautions are essential to create a secure environment for both pets and attendees. Visit R House at 24/2/2 Tran Ngoc Dien Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, and prioritize your pets’ health.

Sipping Matcha and Savoring Wagashi: Workshop at Plantrip Cha

Matcha and Wagashi Workshop Overview

Immerse yourself in the art and culture of Japanese tea and desserts with a workshop at Plantrip Cha, a charming tea house in District 3. Learn the intricate art of brewing matcha tea and delve into the world of Wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets that are not just treats but also pieces of culinary art.

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A Journey through Japanese Tea Culture

On August 6, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., join fellow enthusiasts at Plantrip Cha, located at 1st Floor, 88 Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3. Early birds can register for VND350,000 ($15) before August 5, while registrations after that date are priced at VND380,000. Discover the nuances of matcha tea and savor the delights of Wagashi, experiencing a slice of Japanese culture.

Crafting Chocolate Delights: Chokotto Chocolate Experience

Chokotto Chocolate Experience

Indulge in a delightful chocolate-making workshop hosted by Binon Saigon Branch, a reputable chocolate store. This hands-on event is a journey into the world of crafting delectable chocolate creations, right from cacao beans to the final product.

Journey into Chocolate Making

The workshop takes place on two Saturdays every month, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., at Binon Saigon Chocolate Store, situated at 12H Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Da Kao Ward, District 1. The experience is suitable for children above 5 years old, and young ones below 5 must be accompanied by an adult. Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate crafting, exploring the magic of cacao.

Saigon’s weekends are alive with possibilities, offering a diverse range of experiences for every palate. From cinematic journeys to creative workshops, each event promises to infuse your weekend with inspiration, artistry, and delight.


  1. Where will “Eyes Without a Face” be screened?
    • The movie will be screened at DCiné Cinema, located at 6 Mac Dinh Chi Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.
  2. What is the theme of the “Sinh to Paradise” event?
    • The “Sinh to Paradise” event combines street art and skateboard culture.
  3. Where can attendees participate in the graffiti contest and watch the skateboard contest?
    • The event will take place at Arcan, 236/29/2H Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District.
  4. Where can participants bring their dogs for free consultations and checkups?
    • Attendees can bring
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their dogs to R House for a pet health clinic popup event. The event will be held at 24/2/2 Tran Ngoc Dien Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2.

  1. What will be covered in the matcha and wagashi workshop?
    • The matcha and wagashi workshop at Plantrip Cha will cover the art of brewing matcha tea and the experience of savoring traditional Japanese sweets.
  2. Where can the Chokotto Chocolate Experience workshop be attended?
    • The Chokotto Chocolate Experience workshop will be held at Binon Saigon Chocolate Store, located at 12H Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Da Kao Ward, District 1.
  3. Who is the “Eyes Without a Face” movie suitable for?
    • The movie “Eyes Without a Face” is restricted to viewers aged 18 and above.
  4. What is the registration fee for the matcha and wagashi workshop?
    • The registration fee for the workshop is VND350,000 ($15) for early bird registrations before August 5, and VND380,000 for registrations after that date.
  5. What is the focus of the “Sinh to Paradise” event?
    • The “Sinh to Paradise” event combines street art, skateboarding, graffiti, and an after party with DJ music.
  6. What should participants bring to the pet health clinic popup event?
    • Participants should bring their dogs, vaccine book (if available), leash, collar, and muzzle (for adult or aggressive dogs).