Saigon’s expat hub restaurant innovates with cassava


Saigon’s Hidden Gem: Cassava’s Innovative Culinary Dance

A culinary adventure awaits food enthusiasts in Ho Chi Minh City’s vibrant Thao Dien, where tradition meets innovation. One might wonder, what’s behind this blend of past and present? The answer: Cassava, the star ingredient, painting a novel palate of flavors and textures

Discovering Madame Lam

Location & Overview
Madame Lam, a sanctuary of unique flavors, stands proudly at 10 Tran Ngoc Dien Street in District 2’s Thao Dien Ward. Nestled in the heart of Saigon’s expat hub, this restaurant promises an authentic taste journey like no other.

The Vision of Chef Nhu Cuong
At the helm of Madame Lam’s culinary voyage is Chef Nhu Cuong. His passion for preserving Vietnam’s rich gastronomic legacy while injecting a fresh perspective is evident in every plate served.

The Cassava Connection

A Look Back: The Origins
Cassava’s roots run deep in Vietnamese culture. Particularly in Quang Nam, a picturesque coastal province, where Thuan An Village has earned a reputation for its exquisite cassava noodles. However, as Chef Cuong laments, this craft is on the brink of fading away, making these noodles a rare find.

Cassava’s Unique Features
Entering Madame Lam, a wooden table showcases dried cassava noodles and roots. These noodles, unlike conventional ones, have a net-like appearance and a crispy texture, resembling rice paper. The vibrant hues ranging from ivory-white to purple and dark yellow are achieved using natural ingredients like butterfly pea flowers, lime juice, and carrots.

Madame Lam’s Signature Cassava Dishes
The time and labor invested in handcrafting cassava noodles mean they make sporadic appearances on Madame Lam’s menu. Yet, whenever they do, they shine in dishes that range from noodle variations to salads and the famous banh xeo (crispy pancake).

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Savoring The Cassava Experience

The Cassava Noodle Soup
A traditional bowl brimming with soft-boiled noodles, shrimp, pork belly, young ribs, and baby spinach, simmered in a golden turmeric-infused bone broth, evokes nostalgia of Quang-style noodles. Yet, mindful of the global palate, Chef Cuong subtly reduces the turmeric to cater to diverse taste buds.

The Adventurous Salad
Venturing into the uncharted, Chef Cuong conjures up a refreshing salad adorned with banana flowers, carrots, cucumbers, herbs, and pan-fried shrimp. A delightful burst of flavors and textures in every bite!

A New Twist: Banh Xeo
Reimagining the traditional banh xeo, cassava noodle flour joins hands with rice flour, producing crispy pancakes. Inside, a symphony of bean sprouts, mango slices, and herbs awaits, contrasting the norm of serving herbs as a side.

The Cassava Revolution

A First-Time Diner’s Perspective
One might think, how does cassava fare with first-timers? One customer recounts her experience, praising the firm and chewy noodles that lack the starchy sweetness often found in regular variants. For her, the slightly premium price was well justified by the dish’s impeccable presentation and the burst of flavors on offer.

The Global Aspiration
With unwavering dedication, Chef Cuong dreams of acquainting both local and global diners with cassava’s magic, hoping to pen a new chapter in Vietnam’s culinary story.

In a world where tradition often gets lost in the whirlwind of modernization, Madame Lam, under Chef Cuong’s guidance, rekindles our connection with the past. By embracing cassava in innovative dishes, they invite us all to a mesmerizing dance of flavors, where every step, every twirl resonates with passion, history, and hope.

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Embracing Traditional With A Touch Of Innovation
Isn’t it fascinating how a humble ingredient can transcend boundaries, weaving tales of culture, passion, and innovation? As we depart from Madame Lam’s culinary world, we’re left with an enriched palate and a heart full of gratitude for such artistic culinary endeavors.


  1. Where is Madame Lam located?
    Madame Lam is located at 10 Tran Ngoc Dien Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.
  2. What makes cassava noodles unique at Madame Lam?
    Their unique net-like appearance, natural hues, and crispy texture set them apart from regular noodles.
  3. What dishes can one expect with cassava noodles at Madame Lam?
    Guests can savor two noodle variations, a salad, and the banh xeo (crispy pancake).
  4. How does Chef Nhu Cuong adjust his recipes for international patrons?
    He subtly tweaks ingredients, like reducing turmeric in the cassava noodle soup, to cater to diverse palates.
  5. Is the cassava noodle dish available daily?
    Due to the labor-intensive process, cassava dishes feature infrequently on a seasonal menu