Savor the Season: Saigon’s Premium Mooncakes


If you’re on the hunt for the perfect mooncake experience in Saigon, look no further. Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City, is renowned for its rich culture, and one of the highlights of this culture is the Mid-autumn Festival. A central part of this festival is mooncakes, and in this article, we’ll explore some of the most luxurious and exquisite mooncake collections the city has to offer.

Lacquer Box Elegance

Park Hyatt Saigon takes mooncake presentation to the next level with their elegant lacquer box collection. They offer two versions: an imperial box adorned with lacquer highlights and a white box featuring a stunning orange design. These mooncakes are more than just a treat; they are a work of art.

The limited edition mooncake collection uses lacquer for its box design. The intricate details are achieved through manual silk-screen printing, depicting persimmon branches that symbolize the Mid-autumn festival. The box’s interior is lined with plush black velvet, and the exterior features silver decorations.

But it’s not just about aesthetics. The mooncake flavors in this collection are equally impressive, with options like coconut milk with salted egg, earl grey tea with Da Lat rose petals, lingzhi and cordyceps with slow-cooked chicken, and abalone and seafood. To complement these delectable mooncakes, the collection also includes two tea boxes and a bottle of wine. The limited set is priced at VND6.8 million ($285.50).

For those looking for more budget-friendly options, Park Hyatt Saigon offers two alternative sets: a white box set with four mooncakes and two tea boxes at VND2.25 million ($94.45) and a tea-less box set priced at VND1.65 million ($69.30).

Western-Style Craftsmanship

The Reverie Saigon presents a mooncake collection that blends Western-style handcrafted mosaics with natural motifs like flowers, moons, and peacock tail feathers. The craftsmanship in these mooncake boxes is truly remarkable.

The collection includes an array of flavors such as abalone fish fin, roasted chicken, lotus seeds, coconut milk, taro, green beans, tiramisu, and cheese dragon fruit. Prices start at VND2,488,000 for a 4-piece box set and go up to VND5,888,000 for the extravagant “Prosperity Flow” box set, which contains 8 mooncakes, a bottle of champagne, and a box of jasmine tea.

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Suitcase-Inspired Design

Sheraton Saigon offers not only a variety of mooncake flavors but also a unique presentation. They have three distinct mooncake box choices, each with its own style and character.

The initial box features an embossed pattern on soft fabric in turquoise blue and coral orange layers. The second box resembles a suitcase with blue tones, embossed leather, and a gold-plated latch. The limited edition box displays a moss green color, shiny leather, diamond embossing, and a sizable brass logo.

Sheraton’s handcrafted mooncakes, made by in-house artisans, offer eight filling choices. These include mixed nuts, scallops with X.O sauce, white lotus seeds, pandan and lotus seeds, black sesame and white sesame, green tea, cranberries, and a new addition this year: Long Tinh tea, known for its sweet taste with undertones of roasted hazelnuts. Prices range from VND1 million ($41.20) to VND2.8 million ($117.55) per box.

Artistic Gift Boxes

Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon presents a mooncake collection featuring three gift box designs, each with its own unique symbolism.

The Harmony box depicts a rice field with flying cranes, symbolizing prosperity. The Fortune box showcases a full moon, representing luck and rebirth. The Euphoria box, inspired by lanterns and hot air balloons, conveys a sense of freedom and dreams.

Flavor options in this collection include lotus pandan, matcha green tea, char siu mixed nuts, and crab meat roasted with eight ingredients. The collection starts at VND1,290,000 ($54.15) per set.

Silk and Wood Elegance

Lotte Saigon Hotel offers a mooncake box that is a testament to elegance and luxury. The box features wood and silk adorned with peony illustrations, and the mooncakes themselves are placed in golden containers, creating a striking visual contrast with the box’s deep mallard hue.

The mooncake flavors available are macadamia nut green tea, almond lotus seeds, roasted chicken, and abalone with fish fin. Prices are set at VND1.35 million for a box with 4 mooncakes and 2 lotus tea boxes, and VND1.8 million ($75.60) for a box with an extra bottle of wine.

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Heritage and Deluxe

Caravelle Saigon presents its mooncake collection with two box options inspired by its rich history and heritage.

The Heritage Box uses striking red and moonlight tones and is adorned with Caravelle building symbols. It contains six flavors that encompass a wide range of tastes. The Deluxe Box, with similar color tones but a rectangular shape, contains four cake flavors.

Flavors include options like mixed nuts, green tea lotus seeds, red bean, roasted chicken with X.O sauce and seafood Hong Kong sauce, and cappuccino. The Heritage Box is priced at VND1,790,000 ($75.15) and the Deluxe Box at VND1,290,000 ($54.15).

Indochine-Style Artistry

RuNam offers a wide variety of mooncake boxes, but one highlight is a box that transforms into a stage cabinet. This unique design reflects Indochine-style aesthetics with a blend of French and Asian architecture.

When opened, the cabinet reveals a charming scene of a family gathering in a garden adorned with lanterns and a mooncake tray. RuNam also provides other packaging options like a pop-up art box, a lantern-style box, and traditional sets with 4 or 6 mooncakes.

RuNam’s mooncakes come in a variety of traditional and contemporary flavors, including pandan, coconut, coffee, black sesame, pomelo blossom, magenta plant, and butterfly pea. The cabinet set can be purchased for VND3.2 million ($134.30), while the alternative set starts at VND550,000 ($23.10).

Elegant Red Spider Lilies

The Vagabond Pâtisserie‘s mooncake box draws inspiration from red spider lilies, a symbol of full moon imagery in Southeast Asian cultures. The mooncakes themselves boast a black crust adorned with 24K gold, creating a visually stunning representation of the full moon against the mid-autumn sky.

Among the flavors offered are combinations of pistachios and cherries, durian paired with red peanut praline, oolong and strawberry tea, as well as mixed seafood with spicy sauce. The 10-piece box set is priced at VND2,260,000 ($94.90), and the 4-piece box set is priced at VND780,000 ($32.75).

Shape-Shifting Delights

This year, Bakes presents a mooncake collection that offers not only delectable flavors but also an innovative packaging experience. Their collection includes four flavors: Iberico broken rice, coconut sticky rice, Ispahan macaron with rose, raspberry, and lychee paste, and Praliné egg custard, each presented in an individual tin can.

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The highlight is the Bloom Moonbox set, which can be transformed from a crescent to a full moon shape. In addition to the unique shape-shifting box set, there’s also the standard rectangular box set. Prices for the box set start at VND720,000 ($30.20), and a single cake is priced at VND195,000 ($8.20).

Chocolate Infusion

Maison Marou presents a handcrafted mooncake collection that combines local farm ingredients with their signature dark chocolate. These mooncakes are offered in single, 4-piece, and 9-piece box sets.

The mooncake collection features a core chocolate flavor, complemented by variations such as peanut praline, strawberry, kumquat jam, and coco coffee. The box set begins at VND690,000 ($29), while a single cake is priced at VND180,000 ($7.55).

As the Mid-autumn Festival approaches, Saigon’s mooncake offerings are more tempting than ever. Whether you’re looking for artistic designs, traditional flavors, or unique packaging experiences, Saigon’s premium mooncakes have something for every palate.

So, why wait? Savor the season with these delightful mooncakes and make your Mid-autumn celebration truly special!


  1. What is the significance of the Mid-autumn Festival in Saigon? The Mid-autumn Festival is a traditional celebration in Saigon, marking the harvest season and symbolizing family reunions. It’s a time for people to appreciate the full moon and enjoy mooncakes.
  2. What are some unique mooncake flavors mentioned in the article? Some unique mooncake flavors include lingzhi and cordyceps with slow-cooked chicken, abalone fish fin, Long Tinh tea, and Iberico broken rice.
  3. Where can I find budget-friendly mooncake options in Saigon? Some budget-friendly options mentioned in the article include the white box set from Park Hyatt Saigon and the tea-less box set from Park Hyatt Saigon, both offering delicious mooncakes at more affordable prices.
  4. What is the significance of the red spider lilies mentioned in the Vagabond Pâtisserie’s mooncake box? Red spider lilies are a symbol of full moon imagery in Southeast Asian cultures, making them a fitting inspiration for a mooncake box design.
  5. How can I purchase the Bloom Moonbox set from Bakes? The Bloom Moonbox set from Bakes can be purchased, and it offers a unique shape-shifting experience for mooncake enthusiasts. It’s a delightful addition to the mooncake collection.