Schalke 04 loses the most

The pandemic is affecting football. Some clubs are shaky. A ranking now makes the corona damage in Europe’s clubs clear. Schalke loses a lot – and yet holds its own.

A picture from better Schalke times: striker Huntelaar against Real defenders Varane and Pepe in the 2015 Champions League round of 16

Dhe economic suffering of professional football is getting worse. Borussia Dortmund expects a loss of 75 million euros in the current year. Relegated Werder Bremen even had to warn of bankruptcy in an investor prospectus, is issuing a high-interest bond and, like some other clubs, has received a state guarantee. Even FC Bayern Munich has already warned that there could be a loss in the current financial year. And the Super League and its cinematic failure can be understood as a creative and controversial attempt to come to terms with the economic challenges of the pandemic.

A new report by the auditors from KPMG, which the FAZ has received in advance and will be published on Thursday, shows how hard the corona crisis is affecting clubs across Europe. Accordingly, the company value of the 32 largest and richest clubs in men’s football in Europe fell by an average of 15 percent between the beginning of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Of all the clubs analyzed, the decline in the rating of FC Schalke 04 was the most severe. The club’s value fell by almost two-fifths within just one year, which of course is also due to the home-made sporting problems.