Seven tips on how not to sign up for a job interview

Apply for a new job and get a job interview? Do not underestimate the preparation. A job interview is not the only step on the way to a dream job, the bag is easy. According to HR staff, job seekers are unprepared for job interviews.


They don’t know how to behave, how to dress, or how to prepare mentally for an interview with a potential employer. ” .

Robert Half offers seven tips on how to succeed at an interview:

1. Be prepared for large and boil unexpectedly

Murphy’s accounts here pay without exception. Be sure to fall asleep in the morning before the interview, pour a tie in a hurry, pour a tie or skirt, and get stuck in a traffic jam.

Keep in mind that a high-quality and long clip is a basic prerequisite for any performance. Therefore, be sure to ask for it before the interview. But before that, prepare all the necessary documents, such as a CV, preferably in several copies (never know who will be mentioned at the interview).

Make sure you know exactly where the interview will take place and that you hit it there, or print out a map. Save the HR file on your mobile phone so that you can see it immediately in the event of a bottom.

Be aware that the punctuality or cancellation of the agreed job interview on the day of the meeting may be a signal for the HR not only of the inability to organize the time, but also of unreliability.

2. Do not hang out in front

Remember that it is always better to choose a more formal variant of clothing. “In addition to your experience described in the CV, the HR professional will consider the overall impression you give him,” explains Ale Kek. Therefore, do not underestimate the choice of in which you will go for an interview.

If necessary, do not be afraid to invest in your business, such an investment will be made with a new job. Even if you go to a company where you know that there is an informal atmosphere, always choose a more formal dress. The argument that the personnel officer does not have a suit fails, he does not work in this company.

3. Do not underestimate the assistant or give staff

The HR doesn’t have to be the only hunter who decides to hire a new employee. It is usual to ask the receptionist and the assistant after the interview how she was impressed by the candidate.

Therefore, let the first impression go to other employees as well. Please greet everyone you meet during the visit. Usually, don’t know in advance what the people who will be at the interview look like. You can easily meet the CEO in the hallway.

4. Find out the information in advance

A common mistake that HR professionals encounter is the fact that candidates themselves do not have enough insight into the position offered or the company in which they want to work.

Drink ready for the interview. The information is a clear signal to the HR that you are interested in the position offered.

5. Answer the chore, don’t let the moment of silence get nervous

Many candidates answer abruptly at the interview, so the HR is not able to get to know and assess them. Jin, on the other hand, answer and send out.

Have a lot of fun and get to know the HR specialist. See for yourself if your answer answers him or if he wants to know what.

If there is a moment of silence between questions, you do not have to perceive it. Even the HR needs to choose the first question and take notes.

6. Do not curl or exaggerate your skills

The HR professional often encounters the fact that the candidate is trying to overcome, for example, the degree of responsibility for his pedal position or his language skills.

According to a survey commissioned by Robert Half among 2,525 managers from eleven countries, a fixed majority (70%) of managers in the Czech Republic consider the CVs of candidates to be unreliable, according to the respondents. You can see the results here.

7. Always tell the truth

If you want to succeed in a great woman, always tell the truth and be upmn. Any false information will be covered during the interview and reference.

And on top of that something for fun. How candidates can prepare for a dream job, when an expert recommended by two at the “time” of a board of friends, is shown by a series of videos by Robert Half staff entitled Don’t Let It Happen to You (in English).