Sheraton Saigon unveils 2023 Mooncake Collection


The Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers has unveiled its 2023 Mooncake Collection, showcasing three luxurious boxes filled with handcrafted mooncakes created by the hotel’s artisan chefs. The collection pays homage to traditional Chinese mooncake preparation methods, combining over 30 years of culinary expertise with a dedication to quality.

The Mooncake Collection has become a well-regarded tradition during the mid-autumn festival, and this year’s theme is “Autumn Dream.” The collection features three distinct boxes:

  1. Mong Thu Yen Canh (Serenity in the Autumn Dream): The standard version of the collection is a rectangular box with delicate fabrics embossed with elegant patterns, representing a magical box filled with floral dreams. The two-layered box combines turquoise and coral hues.
  1. Mong Thu Phi Dieu (Flying Birds in the Autumn Dream): The premium version boasts a luxury design inspired by a sophisticated travel bag. It features sky blue and leather motifs, clear-cut embossed patterns, and a golden brass buckle for closure.
  1. Mong Thu Huyen Vi (A Dream Towards a Surreal Universe): The limited-edition VVIP version is the highlight of the collection, featuring a classic vintage bottle green color. The box is opulent and refined, with shining leather topstitched with a diamond motif and a golden logo buckle.

The collection comprises eight different fillings, including classic and newly curated flavors such as mixed nuts, scallop X.O, white lotus, pandan lotus, black and white sesame, green tea, cranberry, and a debut imperial Long Jing tea flavor.

Chef Nhieu, who has been behind the creation and production of mooncakes at Li Bai since its inception 20 years ago, emphasizes the uniqueness of the artisanal mooncakes. They are meticulously crafted in-house, from assembly and baking to packaging, reflecting the hotel’s commitment to heritage, homestyle taste, and culture.

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The mooncake collection offers various price options, ranging from VND1.188 million for a 4-cake box of 150 grams each, to VND1.388 million for a 220-gram cake box with a choice of egg yolk or without. The limited edition is priced at VND2.788 million for a 4-cake box of 220 grams each.

For those interested in exploring the collection, there’s a mooncake booth at the lobby of Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers, located at 80 Dong Du, District 1. The booth is open from July 31 to September 29, offering the opportunity to view the boxes and taste the cakes. For booking inquiries, you can contact the hotel directly at 028 3827 2828. Additional information can be found on their official website or social media platforms.