Shoeblack fined $85 for obtaining foreign traveler in Hanoi

Authorities in Hanoi’s downtown Hoan Kiem District has put a fine of VND2 million ($85) on a shoeblack for attempting to persuade a foreign vacationer to have his footwear radiated.
The 36-year-old man admitted to regional authorities that he proactively beamed the footwear of an international male while he was strolling in the Sword Lake location to “request for cash,” Giao Thong paper reported.

Earlier, a video clip shared on social networks revealed the shoeblack chasing the visitor to beam his shoes, though the foreigner gestured that he was not interested. The traveler then provided the shoeblack VND10,000 yet he did decline it and asked for VND20,000, the record claimed.

After the incident set off public attention, regional authorities actioned in to investigate the case.

Hanoi obtained 1.5 million foreign travelers in 2014, just more than a quarter of 2019. The funding aims to attract 3 million foreign tourists this year.