Sip and savor: the perfect harmony of kumquat and coconut in a cup


Kumquat Coconut Magic: Saigon’s Beverage Sensation

A Glimpse into Thuy’s Journey

Humble Beginnings on Pasteur Street In 1997, a determined Nguyen Thi Le Thuy made her way to Ho Chi Minh City, and by 2001, she was set on a mission: to quench Saigon’s thirst with something unique. Initially selling widely available roots and seaweed drinks, Thuy realized the need for differentiation in a crowded market.

The Birth of the Kumquat Coconut Drink The ever-refreshing coconut drink was already in demand, known for its health benefits and cooling properties. But Thuy wanted to bring something different to the table. “Why just blend in when you can stand out?”, she must’ve thought. After a series of experiments, the kumquat-infused coconut drink was born. And boy, did it redefine beverages in the region!

The Taste That Captured Saigon

From Modesty to Stardom In its early days, this delightful concoction took a backseat to other popular drinks. But good things take time, right? Over the years, the distinct flavor of kumquat mixed with coconut became the talk of the town.

Expansion Beyond the Original Flavor Once Saigon was hooked to the kumquat coconut drink, Thuy introduced the pineapple variant. Yet, the classic kumquat flavor remains the iconic brand of her beverage cart.

The Experience at 250 Pasteur Street

The Business Boom and Crowd Dynamics Open from the crack of dawn till late at night, Thuy’s cart sees fluctuating footfalls. While the afternoons might be relatively calm, post 7 p.m. the rush is real! As the sun sets, the scene changes, with patrons preferring to sip and savor right on the pavement.

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Loyalty: The Backbone of Success “I owe a lot to my loyalists”, says Thuy. Even during peak hours, the patience and understanding shown by her regulars are commendable. They’re happy to wait, find a spot, and dive into their favorite drink.

Behind the Refreshing Sip

Ingredients: Sourcing and Preparing At the heart of this drink are fresh coconuts from Vietnam’s coconut kingdom, Ben Tre Province. Instead of prepping in bulk, Thuy emphasizes on-the-spot preparation to retain the drink’s freshness. That means each coconut is cut upon order! The addition of kumquat jam, with its tangy sweetness, adds a delightful twist to the beverage.

The Taste that Keeps You Coming Back While the drink might seem simple, the attention to detail and the delicate balance of flavors is nothing short of artistry. This craftsmanship ensures that each sip is as memorable as the last.

Customer Testimonials

Connecting Hanoi and Saigon For Thanh Huong, a native of Hanoi, this drink is a piece of home. “Every sip takes me back to the streets of Hanoi. It’s nostalgia in a cup,” she recalls.

The Irresistible Blend Tuan Lam, a local from District 3, is all praises for Thuy’s drink. The mix of sweet coconut water with kumquat jam’s tanginess and the added crunch of coconut flesh is, in his words, “simply heavenly”.

Conclusion Thuy’s kumquat coconut drink is not just a beverage; it’s an experience. It’s a testament to how innovation, perseverance, and attention to detail can transform a simple idea into a cultural phenomenon. So, the next time you find yourself in Saigon, remember to take a pit stop at 250 Pasteur Street. Who knows, it might just become your next favorite drink!

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  1. Where is Thuy’s beverage cart located?
    • 250 Pasteur Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.
  2. What are the working hours of Thuy’s cart?
    • 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.
  3. How much does a glass of kumquat coconut drink cost?
    • A small cup is VND15,000 (US$0.63) and a large cup is VND20,000.
  4. Are there seating arrangements near Thuy’s cart?
    • Yes, Thuy provides small plastic chairs for customers to enjoy drinks on the spot.
  5. What makes the kumquat coconut drink special?
    • Freshly sourced coconuts, on-the-spot preparation, and a unique kumquat jam that balances sweetness with tanginess.