Slev’s portal went bankrupt, the voucher remained in his hand. How to armor

Do you buy rarely on discount portals, where you are looking for suitable excursion offers or other services? First Gabriel Talaga advises on how to shop safely so that you don’t have a worthless ray in your hand.

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Discount portals act as sellers of discount offers. Only mediate the sale of services at a reasonable price. It is therefore appropriate to check the suitability of the offer, for example, by checking it out on the website of the service provider. At the same time, try to get as much information as possible about the discount server. This suggests whether it is a new novelty or an established company.

Even so, you may not take advantage of the discount service at all, even though you paid for it. This threat in case the discount portal fails, for which you buy a suitable offer. This is exactly what happened to Mr. Ann, who was allowed to file a lawsuit.

She bought a voucher for a cheap holiday through a discount portal. The jet did not leave, the port went bankrupt, and Ann’s travel agency demanded a new castle for the price of the descent, if I was still interested in it. Anna didn’t go on vacation in the end. She refused to pay again.

The woman turned to the first office instead of flying to help her situation. We represented Mr. Anna in the courtroom. Due to the fact that she had a discount portl u confirmed a contract with a travel agent, we succeeded in court. The travel agent had to pay the money she paid to pay the costs of the court, to the first Gabriel Talaga from Vilmkov Dudk & Partners.

In this case, the discount portal acted as a representative of the travel agency during the collection of the voucher. The pension received for the departure from Mr. Anna should be asked by the travel agency from the discount portal, not from n, adds Gabriel Talaga and summarizes the advice on how to proceed so that you do not drink about the pension:

  • Upon receipt of the voucher, you immediately conclude a contract with the service provider in order to have the service provided directly with nm.
  • If you have a contract directly with the provider and the discount portal goes bankrupt, do not be discouraged by a reluctant approach and ask for a refund or insist on the services provided.
  • The provider of discounts, who offered their services to the dog, the bankrupt discount portal, do not have the right to pay the code and the cost of the order.

The domestic market with discount portals has secured itself sharply in recent years. While after 2010 there were more than two hundred of them, currently only a few works. The largest share in the turnover of the server is the first travel. Although, according to the first, there is a significant decrease in litigation between customers and discount portals, people should be vigilant when concluding contracts.