Spain holidaymakers need to know that now

The federal government has issued a travel warning for all of Spain – but there is one exception. And you can still travel at your own risk. The most important questions at a glance.

The beach of Cala Major in Mallorca

Does the travel warning apply to all of Spain?

No, there is one exception: holidaymakers traveling to the Canary Islands are not affected. There, the number of new corona infections is limited. For the rest of Spain, including the holiday island of Mallorca, which is so popular with Germans, the federal government’s travel warning applies.

Can you no longer travel to Spain at all?

Yes, but at your own risk. Tourists traveling on their own can continue on their way. Holidaymakers who have booked a package tour must, however, assume that their trip will no longer take place. For example, the travel group TUI canceled all package tours to Spain up to and including August 24 on Saturday – with the exception of trips to the Canary Islands.

Do vacationers get their money back?

It depends on. Anyone who has booked a package trip can claim the full price back from the tour operator if the trip is canceled. “You don’t have to accept a rebooking or a voucher,” says Annabel Oelmann from the Bremen consumer center. It is different with individual tourists: You should take a close look at what is stipulated in the booking conditions of your hotel or holiday apartment. In contrast to package tours, they have to be prepared not to get some of the expenses back. Definitely contact the hotel!

What about trips to Spain that will only take place in a few weeks?

As uncomfortable as it is, all experts advise being patient. The course of the corona pandemic shows how quickly the situation can change. For example, anyone who cancels their trip planned for October now has to expect cancellation fees. The cancellation insurance does not take over either, travel warnings are usually not insured. It is better to talk to the organizer.

What do holidaymakers who are currently in Spain need to know?

Here, too, the following applies: Tourists who are traveling without a tour operator must check for themselves what they might change in their plans. Package travelers, on the other hand, can usually choose whether they want to leave or stay. Either way, however, you cannot take a return flight of your choice, but should accept the return flight that your tour operator will organize for you. TUI asks all customers to return within the next seven days.

What are holidaymakers obliged to do when they return to Germany?

Anyone returning from a risk area must be tested for Corona. You can do this at least 48 hours before departure in the holiday country, but at your own expense. The result must be available in German or English. Upon arrival in Germany, returnees can have themselves tested free of charge at the airport. Until they find out the result, they have to go into quarantine at home.

What can you expect when you book a trip to Spain now?

If you book now, you can possibly hope for lower prices. But he cannot claim that he was not warned. “Consumers who book now because they assume that it won’t be so bad in autumn cannot cancel later free of charge,” says Annabel Oelmann from the Bremen consumer center. After all, they would have accepted the risk.