Surveys have revealed in which et et manaei they excel and where they should add

The BDO International Audit and Consulting Survey has examined breeding, organization of work, language skills, creativity and the skills of managers. And how did they end up in the evaluated employees?


A number of audit firms have shown that, compared to foreign managers, their number of colleagues have the greatest reserves in their knowledge of foreign languages. often lag behind in the ability to enter the subordinate and the ability to organize time and work.

Although we have seen a certain improvement in recent years, especially in the level of the English language, we are still far from the ideal state. It’s a code, because the language barrier makes it impossible for some otherwise excellent managers to sell their skills in the international field, comments Petr Kymlika from BDO. Moreover, only with English he can’t hang out today. It is still so much, panltina and French.

They are creative and work

The research found shortcomings in the management of the work darkness and podzench. And when you have problems with the organization of time and work. Managing time management today is one of the main attributes of a successful manager. We have a lot to learn from our colleagues in this area.

And what, on the contrary, belongs to the strong pages of the Czech f? Most respondents stated that they excel mainly in creativity. Creativity is a very popular and valuable asset in the international field, of course mainly in the field of marketing, but its role is growing in other areas of business, adds Petr Kymlika, according to whom Czech price managers work hard and manage stressful situations.

The BDO survey interviewed several hundred firm leaders across the financial world who evaluated each other. But how to look at the esk managers of their pm podzen? This, in turn, was revealed by a survey conducted by STEM / MARK for Home Credit.

Talk to them and we’ll be right, tell the staff

Do not mind people, do not talk to them at all. Make sure there is a difference between them and the management. Half of the employees, which is alarming for companies, make her happy. There is definitely something to improve, especially in the question to provide information about the company, its mission and further exchanges. When the steps and decisions of the management are incomprehensible to people, we want to get involved with them, Gabriela Liaov from Home Credit. At the same time, more than 80 percent of the surveyed employees want to contribute their work to the overall result of the company.

According to Liaov, only wages and conditions for growth are not enough to motivate them. It is important to inform employees about new developments, strategies and exchanges of the company. He must honor their bite, add. It recommends sharing news, for example, through company magazines and the intranet. It is therefore easy to have contact with the company’s management, where the manager manages to introduce new initiatives to employees within an hour and especially where they have progressed. Vichni then vd, how is the tusk project and so who is working on it.