Ten million new jobs and 49 other ideas

Donald Trump wants to make America even bigger if the voters let him again. In fact, some of his goals sound much more ambitious than they are.

Donald Trump during his nomination party conference.

NShortly before the start of the Republican nomination party conference, Donald Trump’s campaign team put together a kind of president’s agenda, titled “Fight For You,” with 50 goals that Trump wants to achieve if voters approve a second term in the White House. His “boundless optimism and confidence in America’s greatness” are reflected in the agenda, which is in stark contrast to Joe Biden’s dark vision for America.

The program focuses on economic and social policy goals. It is also noticeable because it is exceptionally short. The goals are briefly described in postulates and without any additional concretization. The decoupling from China, the promotion of “Made in America” and a restrictive immigration policy are core elements of the list and at the same time classics that Trump has given every speech he makes.

At the top of the bulleted list, however, is the goal of creating ten million new jobs in ten months. That sounds like a lot, but in view of the job losses as a result of the Corona crisis, it is not overly ambitious. As a reminder, the American economy has lost more than 13 million jobs. America’s labor service registered 16 million unemployed in July, 10 million more than in February before the crisis. Another four million Americans have left the job market completely.

The bankruptcy wave hit many

The target announced in the list of creating a million new companies falls into the same category: It sounds like a lot, but is hardly enough to offset the pandemic bankruptcies that the American economy is currently experiencing. NFIB, an association of small business owners, recently published a survey among members that one in five entrepreneurs feared having to close the doors of their business forever if the situation does not improve within the next five months.

And another explosive number illustrates the development: The number of companies with sales of more than one billion dollars that have applied for bankruptcy protection is increasing faster than in the financial crisis recession of 2009.

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Trump’s always pursued idea that America should best produce everything it consumes itself also shines through in several places in the new list. All critical healthcare equipment is intended to be manufactured in the United States. Trade deals are said to have the sole aim of protecting American jobs.

Decoupling from China

Trump wants tax breaks for companies that manufacture in America. In turn, tax breaks are available to companies that are relocating jobs from China back to the United States. Those who outsource jobs to China, on the other hand, should no longer receive government contracts. An additional important detail: high-tech companies from the pharmaceutical industry or robotics can completely deduct their costs in their tax returns if they relocate their production back to their American homeland.

Trump’s “Made in America” plan is closely interwoven with anti-China policy: Trump formulates the clear goal of transferring one million industrial jobs from China to the United States. He also announces that he will hold China accountable for the pandemic.

Mars mission and moon station

On the one hand, these program items are old acquaintances from Trump’s protectionist agenda. At the same time, however, they represent the strongest break with the long prevailing line in the Republican Party: international free trade was traditionally one of their major concerns – at least before Trump took over the business of the White House.

The dramatic rise in public debt would have previously been a major issue for Republicans and their presidential candidates as well. On the other hand, Trump’s agenda does not mention plans to reduce debt because he simply does not have them. Instead, he wants to spend more money on a manned Mars mission and a lunar station.

His old plan for the renewal of the American infrastructure is also included in the list of indents: This had caused amusement in Washington because it was always pulled out of the drawer with little chance of realization when it was necessary to distract from other crises.

On the other hand, Trump and the Republicans find what they have in common in the goal of further reducing taxes so that people have more money in their pockets. Trump is thus setting a clear counterpoint to Biden, who, in a remarkable way, entered the election campaign with tax increase plans.

As announced, two points reflect Trump’s optimism and belief in the greatness of America particularly clearly. One goal is simply: “Return to normal in 2021.” That almost sounds like an order. The other point concerns education: teachers should teach America’s students “America’s Exceptionalism”.